CBARC Annual Reports

Dryland Research Report 101
June 2010


  • Introduction, Research Plot Locations, Research Center Publications, Author Affiliations pdf
  • Plant Community Development in a Dryland CREP in Northeastern Oregon pdf
  • One Tillage Pass Can Produce Highly Effective Tilled Summer Fallow pdf
  • Specialty Spring Barley Variety and Nitrogen Rate Trials across Northeastern Oregon pdf
  • Genetic Characterization of Resistance in Wheat to the Root-Lesion Nematode Pratylenchus thornei pdf
  • Adaptation and Yield of Spring and Fall Sown Safflower in Northeastern Oregon pdf
  • USDA-ARS Club Wheat Breeding in Oregon pdf
  • Wine Grape (var. Merlot) Response to Residual Imazethapyr (Pursuit®) in Soil pdf
  • Pendleton and Moro Precipitation pdf
  • Pendleton and Moro Temperature pdf