2020 CAS Club Leadership Team

Meet the Team!

The CAS Club Leadership Team serves as a lead and promotional body for student clubs and organizations within the College. CLT members are selected through an application and interview process conducted by a committee of peers and the advisor in order to achieve the goals of the College and its constituents; to facilitate professional development, camaraderie, and communication; to promote student activities and events; and to provide resources and opportunities for all CAS students to connect with opportunities and fully engage in the CAS community. Such activities create an environment to foster student and group exploration in the world of agricultural sciences and to engage them in a meaningful college experience at Oregon State University.

Corinna Cauchy
Animal Sciences

Bella Giraud
Agricultural Sciences

Lauren Meader
Fisheries & Wildlife

Kiley Silver
Animal Sciences

McKenna Wilson
Food Science & Technology

Wanda Crannell
Student Engagement Coordinator