Evaluation of Miticides for Two-Spotted Spider Mite Control in Carrots Grown for Hybrid Seed in Central Oregon, 2014

Series/Report Number: COARC2014

Abstract: Two-spotted spider mites (TSSM) are an important pest on hybrid carrot seed production in central Oregon. Concern about the two-week knock down period and re-entry interval (REI) for Comite (propargite) prompted a search for other products that could be used. Plots were established in two commercial fields in central Oregon. All treatments generally provided greater control than the untreated check, with statistical differences between treated and untreated plots at one location. The trend was for Agri-Mek (abamectin) to provide similar results to Comite and Oberon (spiromesifen) and to sometimes provide greater control of TSSM than Comite.