Evaluation of Predator Mites for Control of Two-Spotted Spider Mites in Carrots Grown for Hybrid Seed in Central Oregon, 2015

Series/Report Number: COARC2015

Abstract: Two-spotted spider mites (TSSM) are an important pest on hybrid carrot seed production in central Oregon. Predator mites have been used to successfully control TSSM in peppermint production in central Oregon and a preliminary project on carrots grown for seed conducted in 2014 indicated that there is potential for use of predator mites in carrots. Results from 2015 indicate that predator mites were successfully established at all locations in non-Zeal and Zeal-treated plots, the combination of Zeal and predator mites held TSSM populations below the treatment threshold, while the late application of predators alone was unable to keep TSSM populations in check in the non-Zeal plots.