2016-2017 Ambassadors

Luke CoomerLuke Coomer – Baker City, Oregon

Senior majoring in Agricultural Sciences with an emphasis in Agricultural Education

I grew up in Baker City Oregon, where my family raises cattle. My dad works for Northwest Farm Credit Services, and through him I have developed a knowledge and love for agriculture and the people involved. Due to this passion for agriculture, I was very active in 4-H and FFA while growing up. Through 4-H, I raised angus show cattle and developed my personal breeding herd, which later became my FFA Supervised Agricultural Experience. As a member of the Baker FFA Chapter, I competed in several contests, including Livestock Judging. This experience led to my choice to dual enroll with OSU and Linn Benton Community College and judge at the junior college level.

Currently, I am a Senior in Agricultural Sciences, with a focus on Agricultural Education. I am an active member in my Fraternity, and also serving as the President of OSU’s Country Western Dance Club.  After earning my Bachelor’s Degree, I intend to apply for the Agricultural Education Master’s Program. My eventual career goal is to teach high school agriculture classes and work as an FFA Advisor and Soccer Coach.

Through the Ambassador Program, I am incredibly excited to represent my college and university, and look forward to sharing my experiences with new and prospective students.

Brooke BroadbentBrooke Broadbent – Scio, Oregon

Junior majoring in Agricultural Sciences and Psychology, minor in Horticulture

Some of my fondest memories are founded on my family farm that we had until I was nine years old. Looking at pictures of my childhood, they are full of a little girl with wild curly hair and berry stains covering her from head-to-toe. By being out in the fields, and learning about agriculture from a young age, it instilled a passion in me that carried on through high school. Once I was old enough to be in the organization, FFA quickly became a top priority in my life. Through FFA, I was able to learn more about both the farming and business side of the agriculture industry. Along with this came leadership and life skills that cannot be taught from a textbook. By the end of my high school career, I had chosen to attend George Fox University while pursuing a degree in Psychology. It didn’t take long for me to discover that I deeply missed agriculture, and that after all those years and hours of dedication to FFA and learning about the industry as a whole, I wanted to incorporate it into my future career. That is when I decided to transfer to OSU.

Deciding to attend OSU was an easy choice for me to make. First of all, this school has a lot of meaning to my family. Many of them are currently attending or have graduated from OSU and were very involved here, just as I have been and hope to continue to be. It was also a top choice on my list for its academics. Not only does it have a highly ranked College of Agricultural Sciences, but it also offers a Psychology degree though the College of Liberal Arts. This, as well as the large number of extracurricular activities that I am able to participate in, allow me to combine my passions, strengthen my skill set, and prepare me for my future career.

Another factor of high importance for me is the community. This school has allowed me to do exactly that through numerous activities, events, and programs both on and off campus. Being an ambassador will allow me to take it one step further and become even more immersed in the existing community, as well as help those who are interested in attending the university. I am very excited to see what connections are developed through the ambassador program, and to see how I grow as both an individual and a leader.

Madison HynesMadison Hynes – Silverton, Oregon

Junior majoring in Animal Science and Agricultural Sciences with an emphasis in Agricultural Education

I grew up on a farm in the Willamette Valley, but my favorite part was always the animals. At nine years old I followed in my sibling’s footsteps and raised my first two market lambs. My nine years in 4H taught me what a good work ethic really was. During that time, I raised 18 lambs, two goats, and showed three horses. Even though my mom is a huge Duck fan, no one batted an eye when I applied to OSU.

Stepping onto campus for the first time as a college student was not a momentous occasion for me. OSU had already felt like my second home after a multitude of FFA competitions and conventions. I entered OSU with the intent of becoming a large animal veterinarian, but halfway through my college career I realized that eight years was more time then I wanted to spend in school. My eyes were truly opened to the option of becoming a teacher after my first term as a Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Animal Science. That is when I was hooked and switched my career path to Agriculture Education and I could not be more excited!

As an Ambassador for Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resources I am excited to work with future students and help them find their perfect fit. I hope I can use my passion for agriculture and showcase all the wonderful opportunities that OSU has to offer students.

Nick CarlesonNick Carleson – Hillsboro, Oregon

Senior majoring in BioResource Research (Honors), Minors in Botany and Chemistry

After watching a lot of medical comedy and drama shows growing up, I wanted to be a doctor. Coming to visit Oregon State in spring my freshman year, I met a pre-med advisor and it solidified my decision. I even chose OSU because of its strength in the pre-med program. It wasn't until I got to school and actually started taking these classes that I began to reconsider.

My freshman year I got involved in research, and realized that I wanted research to play a larger role in my studies and my future instead of only medical school. My sophomore year I started doing research in the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology and changed my major to BioResource Research so I could study the science side of agriculture. BioResource Research is a pathway for me to conduct research in-depth in whatever field I want. It also has given me freedom to take whatever classes I have been interested in, refining my interests every term.

Conducting research while studying at OSU has allowed me to immediately implement what I've learned in my classes. They have given me new ways to apply my research while also taught me more about what my research actually means to me,

Over the past few years at Oregon State I have gotten increasingly involved. I have served as executive members for Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS), the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), and the Cycling Club. I have also worked as a Resident Assistant (RA), Community Relations Facilitator (CRF), and a START leader during summer orientation for first-year students.

Now, I am honored to be in the Ambassador Program, sharing my experience and love of Oregon State. I hope that other people can feel as much at home here as I do!

Melissa RobellMelissa Robell – Cupertino, California

Junior majoring in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences, minor in Animal Science

When I was young I was fascinated with the outdoors and animals. I had a natural curiosity and continued to explore and learn as much I could about it. It was so unique and unexplainable.  Being involved with 4-H allowed me to immerse myself with agriculture and animals.

I love many different aspects of agriculture. I love livestock especially dairy goats. I love wildlife especially elephants. I switched to be a Fisheries and Wildlife major sophomore year from Animal Science. I was afraid to switch majors but I realized that working with wildlife was my ultimate dream.

My dream job is to become a wildlife biologist and to work with exotic species internationally.  Growing up in Cupertino, I developed an appreciation and interest for different cultures because of its diversity. I hope to study abroad while being a student at OSU.

One of the key things I have focused on at OSU has been being involved with undergraduate research. I love analyzing and exploring problems. I have been involved with a variety of research projects. Recently, I worked on project focusing on human/wildlife conflict with the controversial reintroduction of grey wolves. We tested many deterrents to see their effectiveness, focusing mostly on bio fences.

I learned about the Ambassador program while considering going to school at OSU and I made it my goal to become one. I am honored to be an Ambassador for the College of Agricultural Sciences, Forestry and Natural Resources. I am excited to share my experience and my love of agriculture to prospective students.

Nicholas E. CheathamNicholas E. Cheatham – Ontario, Oregon

Senior majoring in Food Science & Technology with an option in Fermentation Science, minors in Chemistry and Business & Entrepreneurship

I grew up in the small eastern Oregon town of Ontario, where much of the community is bordered only by farmland and endless hills of high desert and sage. I spent much of my youth outdoors and around friends whose families were actively involved with agriculture. And although my grandfather owned and maintained farmland in the area for many years, I never really had a desire to enter the field of agriculture until I joined FFA in high school.

Upon joining the FFA, I participated in numerous events and held an officer position. As I became more involved with the organization, I developed a deep interest for agriculture. Entering my senior year of high school, I became very interested in my human nutrition, chemistry, and biology courses, and I thought it would be ideal to blend the interests together as part of a career path. Consequently, I encountered the Food Science & Technology program at OSU.

Although my career goals have shifted slightly, I still maintain strong interests in agriculture, chemistry, and biology. My option in Fermentation Science is a perfect fit. After experiencing my first internship in 2014 at A to Z Wineworks/ Rex Hill in Newberg, Oregon, I knew right away I wanted to enter the wine industry. Working in the vineyard let me experience agriculture and biology on an intimate scale, while winemaking let me experience the profoundness of chemistry in a real-life application. Since then, I have not looked back. I continue to expand my academic and experiential palate, so to speak.

I am very excited to be working with a great team of Ambassadors for Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resources this year. Moreover, I am genuinely excited to be meeting with prospective students and showcasing all that our colleges have to offer.

As an Ambassador, I will be looking for new ways to enhance my experience at OSU, improve my leadership skills, and connect with new people. I am passionate about my college, my major, and my career path, and I hope to share my enthusiasm and offer valuable advice for upcoming students. There is a lot to be proud of here at Oregon State. Go Beavs!

Heather BrownHeather Brown – Sutherlin, Oregon

Senior majoring in Agricultural Sciences with an emphasis in Agriculture Education, minor in Animal Science

I grew up in a rural community, but was never really involved with agriculture until I joined the National FFA Organization my freshman year of high school.  I started competing in Career Development Events (CDE’s), ranging from Soils Judging to Public Speaking.  I really loved learning about all the new and innovative ways that agriculture is progressing, and how it is constantly changing.  It was through CDE’s and my high school agriculture classes that I realized just how important agriculture is, and learned of my passion for educating others about the industry.  

I came to OSU many times throughout high school for different FFA events.  Each time I stepped foot on campus, I fell in love a little more.  By the time I was a senior, I knew I wanted to have a career in Agriculture, and that OSU is the place to do it!  I started as an Animal Science major, but then decided that an Agricultural Sciences major would give me a more rounded agriculture knowledge for when I teach agriculture in the near future.

I love the community feel that OSU has.  All of my professors and the faculty from the College of Agriculture have a genuine interest in my learning, and are always wanting to help me be successful in any way possible.  So far, I’ve had opportunities to be involved with Collegiate FFA, Agricultural Education Club, the Leadership Academy, and working for Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom as a student employee.

I look forward to serving as an Ambassador for Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resources this year. I can’t wait to advocate for these areas, represent OSU, and work with my fellow Ambassadors.  I hope to help new students learn about all the resources and opportunities available to them.

Emily SchechtmanEmily Schechtman – Portland, Oregon

Senior: Agricultural Sciences, minor in Leadership

Growing up in Portland meant that I was living in the city, yet just a short drive from the forests, mountains, and beaches of the Pacific Northwest. Throughout my childhood, my family went on frequent hiking, kayaking, and camping trips, and the Oregon landscape was truly my backyard. During high school, this led me to find a second home at MESD Outdoor School, where I taught sixth-grade students about forest ecology and fell in love with teaching youth about plants and providing them with a safe space to be outdoors.

After attending Portland Community College and Lane Community College, I knew that Oregon State University was the best choice for me to pursue a degree in plant science, and, once I arrived, I soon found a place in the Agricultural Sciences major and the Leadership minor. Between my classes, being a part of the Leadership Academy, working for Precollege Programs, and volunteering with the Corvallis Environmental Center, Oregon State University and the Corvallis community are providing me with the best education I could ask for.

Once I graduate, I plan to become an outdoor educator, where I will teach youth about the plants around them, including the food that they can grow, all while giving them experiences that can't be found within the four walls of a traditional classroom. By doing this, I hope to inspire them to be passionate about the environment and to protect and care for it. As an Ambassador for Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resources, I'm excited for the opportunity to share my experiences and my passion with future students and show them all that Oregon State University has to offer.

Brecklin MiltonBrecklin Milton – Ontario, Oregon

Junior majoring in Agricultural Business Management

Hailing from rural Eastern Oregon, I am blessed to call Ontario my home. Although I did not grow up on a farm, agriculture has always surrounded me and brought my community together. As a sophomore in high school, I was convinced to become a member of the National FFA Organization and quickly developed a strong passion for agriculture.

My involvement in FFA fueled my passion for agriculture; I was always striving to gain knowledge and experience. Throughout my FFA career, some of my favorite Career Development Events included Public Speaking, Job Interview, and Agricultural Sales. FFA has provided me with leadership skills, helped me to grow as an individual, and sparked my passion for agriculture as well as my career aspirations in marketing. Agriculture is our livelihood – something that we all rely on numerous times a day.

After graduating from high school, I had the privilege of serving as a 2014-2015 Oregon FFA State Officer. During my year of service, I was able to learn about agriculture all throughout Oregon which made me realize how diverse our beautiful state is. In January 2015, I had the opportunity to travel to South Africa with 74 other State FFA Officers where we were educated about agriculture on an international level. As my state officer year came to an end, I was left with endless memories, lessons, and a passion to serve the agricultural industry outside of the FFA jacket. I continue to strive to advocate for the agricultural industry in as many capacities as possible and look forward to a career in marketing where I can do just that.

I am honored to be a part of the 2016-2017 Oregon State University Agricultural, Forestry, and Natural Resources Ambassador team. I look forward to sharing all of the diverse opportunities and career paths OSU has to offer while building relationships with current staff, prospective students, and my peers. It’s always a great day to be a Beaver

Gabrielle RedheadGabrielle Redhead – Central Point, Oregon

Junior majoring in Agricultural Business Management, minor in Leadership

Growing up in the town of Central Point Oregon, my family always was outside working together, playing together, and just having outright fun. Being raised in the Rogue Valley you gain a new appreciation for agriculture at an early age. From county fairs, to driving around and seeing the immense diversity of agriculture, planted the seed for my passion for our industry. My competitive drive led me to raise 4-H animals with my cousins, which I transitioned into an FFA member in high school. From there I participated in numerous career development events, facilitating and growing my love for this industry. During my high school years, I could always be found in the Crater FFA Ag Lab working on the next event for chapter.

Over the years, my interactions with faculty members and students from Oregon State gave me the idea that one day I would be able to attend this amazing university. I am currently a sophomore studying Agricultural Business Management with a minor in Leadership and I can’t be more excited about my future. During the summer I will have the opportunity to work for Northwestern mutual, being an intern in their Central Point branch, where I will be able to grow and diversify my network. Over this next year, I’m extremely blessed to have the opportunity to be the student representative for Oregon State on the Oregonians for Food and Shelter board as well as being an Ambassador for Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resources through the college.

What I hope to gain from the Ambassador Program is a deeper appreciation and understanding of the diversity that agriculture has an Oregon, as well as Oregon State University’s role within the industry. I’m extremely excited to be traveling other students that just as passionate, if not more passionate about the agricultural industry as I am. I look forward to all of the adventures and relationships that will come from this amazing opportunity.