Instruments used in the Central Analytical Lab include: 

ICP-OES: PerkinElmer 2100 DV

Analyzes dissolved liquid plant and soil extracts and water samples for a variety of elements: P, K, Ca, Na, Mg, Mn, Cu, Zn, Fe, B, As, Cd, Ni, Pb, Mo, and possibly other elements on request. 

CNS: Elementar Vario Macro Cube

Analyzes ~100mg of solid, dried, ground plant or soil samples for total C, N, and S. 

TOC/TON: Shimadzu TOC-V CSH and TNM-1

Analyzes soil extracts or water samples for total organic carbon and total organic nitrogen.

NH4-N/NO3-N: Lachat 8500 Series 2 Flow Injection Analyzer

Analyzes soil extracts or water samples for ammonia-nitrogen and nitrate-nitrogen using QuikChem methods 12-107-06-2-A and 12-107-04-1-B.

pH/EC: Hanna HI5522

Analyzes soil or water samples for active or exchangeable pH and 2:1 slurry EC. 

Dry ash/LOI: Thermolyne F-A1730

Heats soil samples and plant samples to the ashing temperature for estimates of soil organic matter and analysis of the inorganic elemental composition of plants.