Biological Data Sciences

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Biological Data Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Biological Data Sciences

The life sciences have been transformed by the ability to rapidly collect large-scale datasets. Students studying Biological Data Sciences will be at the interface of life and quantitative sciences and study as well as use large datasets to address important questions across disciplines of the life sciences.
Dr. Alexandra J. Weisberg

Faces of AgSci

“The future of science is definitely on the computational side. I’m really excited to see how we can apply this tremendous computing power to problems in agriculture and medicine.” -Dr. Alexandra J. Weisberg, USDA NIFA Postdoctoral Fellow

College of Agricultural Sciences

  2,468 |  
Total number of AgSci
undergraduate students
  3 |  
Number of undergraduate
students in this major
  $500K |  
In scholarships for
AgSci students
  $90M |  
In funding for AgSci
research each year

Biological Data Sciences Degree Options

  • Genomics (GEN)
  • Ecological and Environmental Informatics (EEI)
  • Computational Biology (CB)
  • Biological Data Sciences

Degrees that Pay. Careers that Matter.

Job opportunities are abundant for graduates with expertise in food, agriculture, renewable natural resources, or ecological sustainability. This expertise helps solve the world’s most pressing issues in the arenas of world hunger, human health, and environmental conservation. Discover how you can build a meaningful career that helps make tomorrow better.

Examples of career paths with a degree in Biological Data Sciences include:

Individualized Advising

Advisors help students develop their course of study. They are the students’ link to scholarships and campus resources, advise on matters of professional development, and point students toward experiential learning and leadership opportunities that will help them be successful in their agricultural or business careers after graduation. For Biological Data Sciences advising, contact Jeff Chang

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B.S. in Biological Data Sciences Example 4-Year Plan | 2021-2022

This is a sample schedule intended for informational purposes only. Students should consult with their OSU academic advisor to create a personalized degree plan.

BI 221. Princ. of Biology I*** 4 BI 222. Princ. of Biology II*** or COMM 111 Pub. Speaking 3-4 BI 223. Princ. of Biology III*** or CH 233 Gen. Chem*** & CH 263 Lab for Chem*** 4-5
  CH 231. Gen. Chem 4 CH 232 Gen. Chem*** 4 CS 162. Intro Comp Sci II 4
  CH 261. Lab for Chem 1 CH 262 Lab for Chem*** 1 MTH 231. Discrete Math 4
  MTH 251. Differ. Calc 4 CS 161. Intro Comp Sci I 4 BDS 211. Critical Thinking 3
  WR 121. English Comp or HHS 231 Lifetime Fitness for Health 2-4 MTH 252. Integral Calc. 4
  Total Credits 15-17 Total Credits 16-17 Total Credits 15-16
Second Year MTH 254. Vector Calc. I 4 OPTION COURSE** 3 MTH 256. Applied Differential Equations or Baccore* 4
  CS 261. Data Structures 4 OPTION COURSE**or BACCORE* 4 ST 412. Methods Data Analysis 4
  ST 351. Introduction to Statistical Methods 4 ST 411. Methods of Data Analysis 4 BDS 311. Comp Approaches Biol Data 3
  HHS 231. Lifetime Fitness for Health or WR 121 English Comp 2-3 WR 327. Technical Writing 3 BACCORE* 3
      PAC any course 1    
  Total Credits 14-15 Total Credits 15 Total Credits 14
Third Year BI 370. Ecology or Elective** 3 OPTION COURSE** 4 BI 445. Evolution or OPTION COURSE* 3
  BI 311 Genetics 4 BACCORE* 3 OPTION COURSE** or BACCORE* 4
  MTH 341. Linear Algebra 3 BACCORE* 3 BOT458. Ecosystem Genomics or Elective* 3
  BACCORE* or CH 331 Organic Chem 3-4 BACCORE* 3 BDS 411. Analysis of Biol Data 3
  BACCORE* 3 BACCORE* 3 BOT 401 Research/ Internship 3
  Total Credits 14 Total Credits 16 Total Credits 14
Fourth Year OPTION COURSE** 4 BB 451 Gen Biochem or OPTION COURSE** or BACCORE* 4 OPTION COURSE** 4
  BDS 406. Special Projects 1 OPTION COURSE** 4 BDS 492. Capstone in BDS II 3
  OPTION COURSE** 4 BDS 491. Capstone in BDS I 3 OPTION COURSE** 4
  MTH 427. Intro to Mathematical Biology or BACCORE* 3        
  Total Credits 15 Total Credits 15 Total Credits 16
            Total Credits 180

*BACCORE = HHS 231 + Physical Activity Course, Perspective Courses – Choose a course from each category: Western Culture, Cultural diversity, Literature & Arts, Social Processes, Difference, Power, & Discrimination (met with FW Human Dimension Course). Synthesis Courses –
Choose a course from each category: Science Tech & Society & Contemporary Global Issues.

**OPTION COURSE= Course taken depends on option student selects – see the full list of requirements and options at

***PRINCIPLES OF BIOLOGY SEQUENCE & GEN CHEM SEQUENCE= Students who select the General Option complete the entire Biology sequence during second year and the entire Chemistry sequence during their first year. Students who select the EEI or CB options only complete the first term of general chemistry.