Food Science & Technology

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Food Science & Technology

Food Science & Technology, Bachelor of Science

As Alton Brown says, “All food is science” and nothing could be truer. Well suited to those with a scientific bent and a deep curiosity about food, our students come to understand the edible world through this fascinating field of study that combines Biology, Chemistry, Fermentation, Engineering and so much more.

Faces of AgSci

“I wanted to pursue a science-based degree that had a promising job outlook and didn’t require graduate school.” -Anastasiya Berst, Benjamin A. Gilman Scholar

College of Agricultural Sciences

  2,396 |  
Total number of AgSci
undergraduate students
  117 |  
Number of undergraduate
students in this major
  $500K |  
In scholarships for
AgSci students
  $90M |  
In funding for AgSci
research each year

Food Science & Technology Degree Options

  • Food Science
  • Fermentation Science
  • Enology and Viticulture

Degrees that Pay. Careers that Matter.

Job opportunities are abundant for graduates with expertise in food, agriculture, renewable natural resources, or ecological sustainability. This expertise helps solve the world’s most pressing issues in the arenas of world hunger, human health, and environmental conservation. Discover how you can build a meaningful career that helps make tomorrow better.

Examples of career paths with a degree in Food Science & Technology include:

  • Brewer or Winemaker
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Packaging Supervisor
  • Food or Flavor Chemist
  • Sensory or Food Scientist
  • Dairy Products Specialist

Individualized Advising

Advisors help students develop their course of study. They are the students’ link to scholarships and campus resources, advise on matters of professional development, and point students toward experiential learning and leadership opportunities that will help them be successful in their agricultural or business careers after graduation. For Food Science & Technology advising, contact Daniel Smith

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B.S. in Food Science & Technology 4-Year Sample Plan | 2020-2021

First Year BI 221 Prins of Bio 4 BI 222 Prins of Bio 4 BI 223 Prins of Bio 4
  CH 231 Gen Chem 4 CH 232 Gen Chem 4 CH 233 Gen Chem 4
  CH 261 Lab for Chem 231 1 CH 262 Lab for Chem 232 1 CH 263 Lab for Chem 233 1
  FST 101 Food Science Orientation 1 MTH 112 Elementary Functions 4 COMM 111 Public Speaking 3
  MTH 111 College Algebra 4 WR 121 Eng Comp 3 HHS 231 Lifetime Fitness 2
          PAC 1
  Total Credits 14 Total Credits 16 Total Credits 15
Second Year CH 331 Organic Chem 4 CH 332 Organic Chem 4 BB 350 Elem Biochem** 4
  Option Course** 3 Option Course** 3 FST 360 Food Safety and Sanit. 3
  PH 201 General Physics 5 PH 202 Gen Physics OR SOIL 205+206 Soil Science** 4-5 MTH 227/251 Differential Calc 4
  WR 327 3 NUTR 240 Human Nutrition** 3 Option Course** 3
          Elective 1
  Total Credits 15 Total Credits 14-15 Total Credits 15
Third Year BEE 472 Intro Food Engineering 5 BEE 473 Intro to Food Engr Process Design 3 FST 370 Ind Preparation/HACCP 3
  CH 337 Organic Chem Lab** 4 CH324 Quant 4 ST 351 Intro Stats Meths 4
  MTH 228/252 Integral Calc 4 Option Course** 3-4 Option Course** 3
  BACCORE* OR MB 302 Gen Microbiology** 3 Option Course** 2-4 Option Course** or BACCORE* 3
      Option Course** or Unrestricted Elective 1-4 FST 355 Comm Food & Ferm Sci 3
  Total Credits 16 Total Credits 13-16 Total Credits 16
Fourth Year FST 385 Comm Food and Ferm Sci 3 FST 420 Sensory Eval of Food OR FST 421 Food Law*** 3-4 FST 425 Food Systems Chem 4
  FST 407 Senior Seminar 1 Option Course** 3-4 Option Course** 3-5
  FST 422 Food Chem Fundamentals 4 Option Course** 3 Option Course** OR BACCORE* 3
  MB 303 Gen Microbiology Lab 2 BACCORE* 3 BACCORE* or Unrestricted Elective 3
  Option Course** or BACCORE* 4 Elective 1    
  Unrestricted Elective 1-2        
  Total Credits 15-16 Total Credits 15 Total Credits 13-15
          Total Credits 180*

*BACCORE = Fitness - HHS 231 + Physical Activity Course, Perspective Courses – Choose a course from each category: Western Culture, Cultural diversity,
Literature & Arts, Social Processes, and Difference Power, Discrimination (met with FW Human Dimension Course). Synthesis Courses –
Choose a course from each category: Science Tech & Society & Contemporary Global Issues.

**OPTION COURSE= Course taken depends on option student selects – see the full list of requirements and options at