Organic Ag Graduate Certificate

The online Graduate Certificate in Organic Agriculture prepares students to work in organic food production, processing, distribution, policy-making, education, and their own organic-product businesses.
This online Graduate Certificate addresses the current educational gap created by a rapidly-growing global organic industry and the needs of this industry for trained, experienced professionals. All courses for this certificate are offered online, allowing students working in other post-graduate programs at any institution and working professionals to access courses.

Program of Study

Students are required to take the four core courses offered; each core course is worth 3 credits. For the remaining 6 credits, students may add any two of the additional program electives to complete the 18-credits required for the certificate. This allows students to personalize their education to their area of specialty within the interdisciplinary subject of Organic Production. Courses offered in Anthropology, Food Systems, Nutrition, Food Culture and Social Justice give students perspective on the social and cultural impacts of the way organic foods are produced and consumed around the world; courses offered by the Departments of Horticulture, Crop and Soil Science, and Animal Science will allow students to understand organic production and processing with the potential to specialize in several areas: whole farms systems management, organic livestock management, and specific crop types for which organic production is used.

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Organic Ag Graduate Certificate
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