Learning Outcomes: 

As students progress through the Horticulture curriculum for completion of their minor, they will:

  • Find, interpret, and integrate data and theory from horticultural systems and sciences, and related disciplines.
  • Assess horticultural systems, diagnose horticultural problems and recommend solutions.
  • Comprehend and demonstrate how horticultural sciences integrate with contemporary social, economic, political and environmental issues.
Learn more: 

Before you begin taking courses, contact the horticulture academic advisor. Some courses which are required for a horticulture major may not count toward a minor. Individual courses may not count toward more than one minor. You must receive a grade of C- or better in all horticulture courses taken to complete the minor.

Turf and Landscape Management
Undergraduate Minor
Department of Horticulture
Class Location: 
Corvallis Campus