Program Overview

The Animal BioSciences/Pre-Professional option prepares students for professional careers in veterinary medicine, and animal science teaching and research. Extensive training is provided in the biological and physical sciences, offering an excellent foundation for graduate study.

Requirements include the core curriculum and additional credits as required by the College of Veterinary Medicine. The Animal BioSciences/Pre-Professional option is designed for students interested in fulfilling requirements for admission to the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine. It allows students who are admitted to the college, upon completion of three years of undergraduate study, to apply credit earned during the first year of professional study toward the BS degree in Animal Sciences.

Students choosing not to attend veterinary school after the third year of this program may complete additional requirements to qualify for the BS degree in Animal Sciences.

Scope of Base Animal Science Program

  • Baccalaureate core: 48 credits plus a Writing Intensive Course (WIC) of at least 3 credits
  • Animal Science Core: 34 credits
  • Animal Industry: 6 credits
  • Animal Production: 6 credits
  • Advance Animal Behavior, Biohealth, Management & Judging: 6
  • General science, math & statistics: 34 credits
  • Agribusiness: 4

Option Courses

  • BB 450, BB 451. General Biochemistry (4,3)
  • MB 230. *Introductory Microbiology (4)
       or MB 302. General Microbiology (3)
  • CH 331, CH 332. Organic Chemistry (4,4)
  • CH 337. Organic Chemistry Laboratory (4)
  • MTH 112. *Elementary Functions (4)
       and MTH 241. *Calculus for Management and Social Science (4)
       or MTH 251. *Differential Calculus (4)
  • PH 201, PH 202. *General Physics (5,5)

Animal Science Minor

Select a minimum of 12 credits from any lower-division ANS courses.
And select a minimum of 15 credits from any upper-division ANS courses.

Career Paths

  • Feed Manufacture, Sales and Technical Services

  • Animal Breeding Organizations

  • Biotechnology

  • Processing and Marketing of Livestock Products

  • Banking for Livestock and Pet Ventures

  • Cooperative Extension Service

  • Government Administrative or Technical Services

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Interesting Tidbits

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Student Profile

Liz Hart - Animal Science, Pre-Vet Student

Through my time at school I have enjoyed connecting with the Goat/Sheep club and the Sheep Center. In the Spring some of my best hands-on volunteer work has been with lambing crew/kidding crew when the babies arrive. I have learned so much about how lambs are born, their behavior and what's a worry through being at the barn and around experienced people. Even if someone has never seen a sheep, or has no interest in sheep or vet school I highly recommend lambing crew. It has been one of my favorite experiences as a college student.  Taking care of the bottle babies and the twins/triplets that aren't thriving, is some of the most intense, but rewarding work. I really love how it bulked up my resume and volunteer hours for vet school. I would do it again in a heartbeat.  

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