Business Planning

What's first?

When thinking about beginning any business, there is a lot to consider. Obviously, a strong interests in growing plants is a definite "must have"  for starting a nursery. But where should you go from there?

Lavender blooms

Every business needs plan. An effective business plan can help you not only get started on the right track, but keep you moving along in the right direction as your business grows and develops. It is a work in progress. A well thought out business plan will help you identify goals and define what your vision is for your specific venture.

Your business plan will act as your companies resume when trying to secure loans, purchase real estate or promote any marketing ventures. Because it will be representing your business, make sure you put the needed thought and effort into it.

There are many parts to a full comprehensive business plan. Below are the four main areas.

  • Description of the business
  • Marketing
  • Finances
  • Management

Fortunately, there are many resources available to help with this sometimes daunting, but very important task. It is always advisable to consult business professionals when setting up your business and its structure. Accountants, attorneys and insurance professionals can help you sort out your options and provide guidance in their specialized areas. Keep in mind your strengths and seek out assistance to help with areas you may not be so knowledgeable in.

Types of Businesses

Additional Resources