Pot in Pot growing system


Container grown nursery crops have gained in popularity over the last decade in Oregon. There are many variations of container grown plants. Any plant, of any size, grown in a container falls under this category. Bedding plants to large specimen size trees are all examples of container grown crops. Most container grown crops are grown in above ground systems.

The image shows a deciduous tree crop growing in a Pot in Pot production system. This container system combines attributes of both container systems and field systems. Plants are gown in containers that are set into "socket" pot which is sunk into the ground at the appropriate depth, providing the grower with a blended approach.

Possible Advantages 

  • Harvest flexibility and timing.
  • Handling convenience/space allocation ease/Shipping and loading of trucks.
  • Media flexibility-can customize with specific crops needs.
  • Typically produces more uniform plants.
  • Extends planting season.
  • Extends marketing season.
  • Less transportation costs/usually lighter because of soilless media.

Possible Disadvantages

  • More monitoring of water and fertilization needs.
  • Cultural growing issues such as overwintering needs, blow over, temperature extremes.
  • Potentially more labor needs.
  • Initial higher land development costs.