Growing plants in a greenhouse environment is similar to growing any other container crops. There must be adequate light, irrigation systems and proper media selection, but greenhouse productions has it's own unique set of considerations and factors.

Heating, cooling and good ventilation are main concerns of a greenhouse system. During the short  winter days and much of the fall and spring as well, Oregon has its share of cloudy days. The clouds diffuse much of the light needed for good crop development. Supplemental lighting systems are needed to extend the growing period. To maintain proper temperatures for crops, heating and ventilation systems are vital components for a greenhouse production operation.

There are many greenhouse companies that can assist you in setting up a functional greenhouse for your specific needs. They can advise on irrigation systems, timing clocks, types of structures, benches, heating and cooling systems and most everything you need to get growing.

Greenhouse structure Nursery stock in greenhouse.

Most any plant can be grown in a greenhouse, but some crops lend themselves particularly well to production in a heated greenhouse. Several common types of crops include, bedding plants for spring and fall sales, flowering potted plants such as Poinsettias, Chrysanthemums, florist Azaleas and Cyclamens. Cut flowers, bulb crops and foliage plants are also crops that are commonly produced in a greenhouse.