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Resources and Nursery Management

Hoophouse protective structure.

Resources are essential to the success of any business. They come in many forms...people, time, facilities, funding, land ,water, equipment or anything else required to complete tasks and projects. The lack of any one resource can be devastating to a business, especially a nursery. Careful consideration and planning prior to starting a nursery can help avoid mistakes and costly oversights. Pay careful attention to land and water resources as well as labor availability.

Starting a nursery business requires strong plant production skills, management skills and the use of sound management practices.

These skills can be acquired by a combination of reading, talking to industry suppliers, Extension faculty, and other nursery operators, as well as on-the-job learning. Employment at a successful nursery is often the springboard to a self-managed nursery.

Crew planting tree seedlings in field nursery.

There are outstanding programs at some local community colleges on nursery production, nursery management and business practices. These programs are highly focused on direct skills needed to start work in nursery industry. There are also many workshops held periodically through local agencies and universities addressing concerns of the area nurseries. Topics can be wide ranging from a pesticide regulations to the latest pathogens affecting the industry.

Taking advantage of all resources and opportunities available to you is the best way to keep current with the local industry and in turn have a successful business venture.





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