Targeted Marketing

Know Your Customer

The success of your nursery business depends on how well you listen to your market. It will tell you how and what to grow, and what services to offer. The nursery market is made up of very distinctive groups each having specific characteristics and needs. Pay special attention to these needs if you expect to acquire these markets as part of your customer base.

These groups include: urban and rural gardeners, retail and wholesale nurseries, commercial landscapers, municipalities, government agencies, and others. You must do your homework to find out the attributes your nursery must provide for the targeted market. Some attributes to consider are: plants free of pests, post-harvest handling, availability, uniform size and quality, supplier knowledge, minimal shipping damage, shipments on time, descriptive catalogs, and regular customer contact.

Potenial customers for nursery businesses

Promote your nursery so that customers in your market know what you have to offer. You should explain what your products are and what services you provide, and why they are important to a potential customer. Promotion does not end with a catalog, Internet web site, or a trade show. It is a year-round task that involves everyone at the nursery who has customer contact. Remember, you must be able to deliver what you promised and every action you take reflects back on your nursery.