Accelerated Master's Platform in Horticulture

Get started on a graduate degree while still an undergraduate!

The Accelerated Master’s Platform (AMP) in Horticulture allows current undergraduate majors to take graduate classes, apply those credits to their current undergraduate degree, and also transfer them into a MS program. Students apply to the program in the junior year and take up to 22 graduate credits during their senior year.  With careful planning, students can then potentially complete a master’s degree quicker than they would otherwise be able to.

Successful applicants are allowed to apply a maximum of 22 graduate credits (taken for a letter grade and not including blanket-numbered courses) to both their undergraduate and master’s degrees.

Participating Programs

Admission Requirements

  • Have completed at least 105 credits of the required 180 credits for a bachelor's degree. This is equivalent to junior standing.
  • A 3.25 grade point average for completed undergraduate coursework. The courses that will apply to the graduate degree must be 3.0 or better.
  • Approval of the Horticulture Chair of Graduate Program.
  • Agreement of a Horticulture graduate faculty member to serve as major professor/thesis advisor.

Application Process and Timeline

Junior undergraduate year

  • Identify a faculty member willing to serve as your AMP and graduate advisor.
  • Work with your faculty advisor to develop your proposed MS thesis research plan and a tentative program of study that includes the 12 credits that will apply towards the graduate degree.
  • Apply to the Graduate School using the Accelerated Master's Platform for admission into the AMP in fall term of your senior year.

Senior undergraduate year

  • Complete up to 22 graduate credits.
  • Continue to work with your graduate advisor to plan or conduct your thesis research and finalize your graduate program of study.

First year of graduate school

  • Start graduate school transferring up to 22 graduate credits earned as an undergraduate.


All application materials are submitted through the online OSU Graduate Application System. Review details on starting the AMP application process. The application fee will be waived.

  • Three letters of reference. One of the reference letters must be from the applicant’s potential graduate advisor.
  • A 1-2 page statement that outlines your research and professional interests, as well as your interest in the OSU Horticulture Graduate Program.
  • Transcripts of all previous academic coursework.
  • The application code provided by the Chair of Graduate Program.
  • A statement of graduate research or project objectives (essay of no more than 500 words).
  • A tentative plan of study that identifies the 22 credits that will apply towards the graduate degree and planned courses for the graduate degree. The plan must be signed by the major professor/advisor.

Contact Us

For more information or to review our admissions process, please contact:

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John Lambrinos
Director of Graduate Programs
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