Horticulture Club

The OSU Horticulture Club is open to all OSU students who want to participate in horticulturally-related projects. Each year the club schedules a variety of activities such as field trips to local and regional horticultural operations, plant sales, community service projects, ski and beach trips, picnics, workshops, bowling, and speakers. The main sources of revenue are various fundraisers and the Agriculture Executive Council.  

Benefits of joining the OSU Horticulture Club:

  • Become better acquainted with the faculty and the advisor
  • Get advice on scheduling, class content and instructors
  • Form study groups for all types of courses
  • Scholarships awarded each year
  • Make new and lasting friends
  • Get hands-on greenhouse and sales experience through club activities
  • Develop organizational skills by planning and carrying out club activities
  • Visit local and regional horticultural operations
  • Get connected with industry representatives
  • Improve your resume
  • Build up leadership skills

What You Can Offer the OSU Horticulture Club

By attending meetings regularly, your ideas can help guide our decisions. By joining in club activities, you add your unique personality and talents. Your presence during club projects helps tremendously, since one person can make a difference between success and failure of these projects. Your participation adds an always-appreciated fresh new face.

The members of the OSU Horticulture Club invite all interested students to join us in our many activities. Meeting information will be posted on the bulletin board in the Agricultural and Life Sciences Building, on the 4th floor near Room 4159.


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