Diamond Pioneer Registry

The Diamond Pioneer Registry was established in March 1983 when the College Of Agricultural Sciences observed its 75th anniversary.  With the Registry, the College recognizes the significant contributions of many of our friends and colleagues who have served agriculture and related areas throughout a portion of their careers.

(Award Overview and Qualifications)

2019 Recipients

  • Paul Arbuthnot, Lake Oswego, OR
  • Sandy Arbuthnot, Lake Oswego, OR
  • Richard Betz, Hermiston, OR
  • Dr. Neil Christensen, Corvallis, OR
  • Jessie DeJager, Jefferson, OR
  • John "Jack" DeWitt, Milton-Freewater, OR
  • Leland Hardy, Salem, OR
  • Dr. Mike Harms, Canby, OR
  • Dr. Herb Huddleston, Corvallis, OR
  • Dr. Gary Jolliff, Corvallis, OR
  • Dr. Robert Linderman, Corvallis, OR
  • Lance Lyon, Aurora, OR
  • Paul Rasmussen, Pendleton, OR
  • Dr. Ronald Rickman, Pendleton, OR
  • Ida Ruby, Scio, OR
  • Dr. Ken Rykbost, Houlton, MA
  • Dr. Clinton Shock, Ontario, OR
  • Stanley Steffen, Silverton, OR
  • W. Bryan Wolfe, Hermiston, OR
  • Jerry Zahl, College Place, WA

2018 Recipients

  • Gerald L. "Jerry" Baker, Vale, OR
  • Dr. John Buckhouse, Corvallis, OR
  • Garry Bybee, Nyssa, OR
  • Roger Fletcher, Dallas, OR
  • Gale A. Gingrich, Salem, OR
  • Roy Hasebe, Ontario, OR
  • Jim Heater, Sublimity, OR
  • Clint Jacks, Madras, OR
  • Bob Klinger, Grand Ronde, OR
  • Jack E. Long, Dallas, OR
  • Kenneth C. Messerle, Coos Bay, OR
  • Bruce Moos, McMinnville, OR
  • Dr. Logan A. Norris, Corvallis, OR
  • Carol Roy, Carlton, OR
  • Dr. Thomas F. Savage, Corvallis, OR
  • Dr. Carl Schreck, Corvallis, OR
  • Gary Simon, Woodburn, OR
  • Dr. Richard Smiley, Pendleton, OR
  • Sam Sweeney, Dayton, OR
  • Lynn D. Trupp, Portland, OR
  • Dr. Martin "Marty" Vavra, La Grande, OR
  • Dr. Darrell Ward, Dallas, OR
  • Dr. Donald B. Zobel, Corvallis, OR

2017 Recipients

  • Michael Burke, Corvallis, OR
  • Peter R. Cheeke, Corvallis, OR
  • Wilma Christian, Grants Pass, OR
  • Thayne R. Dutson, Sisters, OR
  • William Hagerty, Cloverdale, OR
  • Norbert Hartmann, Monmouth, OR
  • Kelvin Koong, Corvallis, OR
  • Robert L. Martin, Moro, OR
  • John David (JD) Rowell, Sacramento, CA
  • Don Schellenberg, Dallas, OR
  • Barry J. Schrumpf, Corvallis, OR
  • Alfred H. Soeldner, Dexter, OR

2016 Recipients

  • Dr. Roy Arnold, Corvallis, OR
  • Bob Bailey, The Dalles, OR
  • Ralph Berry, Sun River, OR
  • Gordon Cook, Hood River, OR
  • Jimmie Crane, Keizer, OR
  • John Cuthbert, La Grande, OR
  • Deanna Dyksterhuis, Newport, OR
  • Oscar Gutbrod, Corvallis, OR
  • LaRea Johnston, Corvallis, OR
  • Sherry Kaseberg, Wasco, OR
  • Mike Kortge, The Dalles, OR
  • Dick McDaniel, La Grande, OR
  • Jean McKinney, Wasco, OR
  • Stan Miles, Corvallis, OR
  • Dr. Dallice Mills, Corvallis, OR
  • Al Mosley, Corvallis, OR
  • Jean Natter, Portland, OR
  • Dave Nelson, Turner, OR
  • Mary Powelson, Corvallis, OR
  • Paul Schanno, Dufur, OR
  • Edwin Stastny, Malin, OR
  • Nancy Thornton, Yamhill, OR

2015 Recipients

  • Clarence “Bub” Boquist, Tillamook
  • Dr. Patrick J. Breen, Corvallis
  • Dr. Richard S. Johnston, Corvallis
  • Delbert Kessi, Eddyville
  • Sue Nesbitt, Newberg
  • Gene Nesbitt, Newberg
  • Gail Price, McMinnville
  • Mike Stoltz, Albany
  • Dr. Robert Witters, Corvallis

2014 Recipients

  • Floyd Bodyfelt, Corvallis
  • Don Bowers, Harrisburg
  • Lorena Bowers, Harrisburg
  • Larry Coppock, Adams
  • Roger DeJager, Jefferson
  • Gwil Evans, Corvallis
  • Rudy Fenk, Tillamook
  • Carl Hill, Nyssa
  • Al May, Dallas
  • Lou Wettstein, Ontario
  • Martin Zimmerman*, Dallas

2013 Recipients

  • Betty Brose, Corvallis
  • Joe Casale, Aurora
  • H. Rodger Danielson, Corvallis
  • Marion Fletcher, Tillamook
  • John Fruetel, Albany
  • Robert Hockett, Woodburn
  • Lee Kaseberg, Wasco
  • Grant Mead, Dufur
  • Verne Mobley, Cloverdale
  • Patricia Patterson, Noti
  • Sandra Powell, Corvallis
  • Neal Reiling, Wilsonville
  • John Shearer, Sr., The Dalles
  • Ralph Smiley, Hood River
  • Elmer Stoller, Independence
  • Geraldine Stoller, Independence
  • Fred Stormshak, Corvallis

2012 Recipients

  • Virginia Beeler, Tillamook
  • Walter Beeler, Tillamook
  • Cathy Burdett, McMinnville
  • Wilbur Bluhm, Salem
  • Orla Currie, Lafayette
  • Fred Hill, Culver
  • Fred Kaser, Molalla
  • David Malpass, Harrisburg
  • Paul Montecucco, Canby
  • Jeraldine Mulkey, Monmouth
  • Joseph E. Vaughn, Central Point
  • Robert Schumacher, Sublimity
  • Joe S. Payne, Vale
  • Florence Neuschwander, Halsey
  • Lyle Neuschwander, Halsey
  • John Walchli, Hermiston
  • Elinor Wiley, Portland

2011 Recipients

  • Larry Aamold, Portland
  • Donald Armstrong, Corvallis
  • Kenneth Brown, Dallas
  • Art Buether, Grass Valley
  • Vernon Coon, Shedd
  • Garvin Crabtree, Philomath
  • Imogene Domes, Rickreall
  • Bernie Faber, Salem
  • Donald Gnos, Albany
  • Carl Haugerud, Scio
  • John Hilderbrand, Wasco
  • Nabeel Mansour, Corvallis
  • Patricia Roberts, Halsey
  • Ruth Rogers, Dundee
  • Jim Rundall, Eugene
  • Phil Whanger, Sequim, WA

2010 Recipients

  • Virgil Choate*, The Dalles
  • John Duerst, Silverton
  • Dale Fleming, Klamath Falls
  • Moyle Harward, Corvallis
  • Fran Hendricks, Aumsville
  • Francis Hendricks, Aumsville
  • Henry Jaeger, Moro
  • Elizabeth Klepper, Pendleton
  • Gylan Mulkey*, Monmouth
  • Sherm Olsrud, Medford
  • Wanda Olsrud, Medford
  • Richard Overman, The Dalles
  • Judson Parsons, Salem
  • John Poppino, Milwaukie
  • Donald Powell, Corvallis
  • Gerald Simonson, Albany
  • Alan Wenner, McMinnville

2009 Recipients

  • Agricultural Research Foundation, Corvallis
  • Arnold Appleby,* Corvallis
  • Cindy Badley, Warrenton
  • Tommy Badley, Warrenton
  • Polly Blum, Lafayette
  • Martha Bronson, Junction City
  • Rose Marie Caughran, McMinnville
  • Buck Coe, Madras
  • Doris Crimmins, McMinnville
  • Roger Detering*, Harrisburg
  • Roger Fendall, Newberg
  • Janet Harper, Junction City
  • R.L. Harris, Pendleton
  • Helen Howard, Salem
  • Larry Kaseberg, Wasco
  • Harold Kerr*, Corvallis
  • Charlotte Mader, Salem
  • Bill Rose, Canby
  • Lavern Weber, South Beach
  • Conrad Weiser, Corvallis

Previous recipients:

Mary E. Abbott*, Corvallis

John Adair, Corvallis

H. P. Adams*, Corvallis

Edwin Albaugh, Adin CA

Reuben Albaugh, Davis CA

Carl Allen, Beaverton

Edward S. Allen, Gleneden Beach

Thomas C. Allen, Corvallis

Thomas C. Allen Jr., Corvallis

Paul Alley*, Moro

Arthur W. Anderson, Salem

Don Anderson, Cornelius

E. William Anderson, Lake Oswego

Frank Anderson, Heppner

Nelson C. Anderson*, Dallas

Wilbert "Andy" Anderson, Independence

Spencer B. Apple, Jr.*, Corvallis

George H. Arscott*, Corvallis

Clint Atherton, Roseburg

Gerald W. Avery*, Wilsonville

James Baggett*, Corvallis

Don Bailey*, Roseburg

Donald Bailey, The Dalles

Samuel Bailey, Corvallis

Charles Baird, Corvallis

Floyd Henry Baker*, Medford

Lillian Ball, Roseburg

Gladys Barclay, Tidewater

Kenneth Bare, Roseburg

Max F. Barlow, Nyssa

Richard Barnes, Silverton

W. Lynn Barnes*, Halsey

Lloyd C. Baron*, Hillsboro

Ray Bates, Bandon

Earl Bates*, Corvallis

Cornelius Bateson*, Salem

Robert Baum, Salem

O. K. Beals*, Salem

Manning H. Becker*, Gresham

Thomas Bedell*, Philomath

Kenneth Beebe, Central Point

Irene Anna Beeler, Tillamook

Anne Bell*, Rickreall

John Bell, Corvallis

Bill Bennett, Connell, WA

Don Bennett, Echo

Doug Bennett, Echo

Noel Bennion*, Corvallis

Kenneth Berger*, Hillsboro

Paul Berger*, Vancouver, WA

Paul E. Bernier*, Corvallis

Steve Besse, Corvallis

John Biewener, Beaverton

Jay Binder*, Madras

Victor F. Birdseye*, Gold Hill

Mack Birkmaier, Joseph

Broughton Bishop*, Portland

John Bishop, Vale

Norman Bishop*, Corvallis

Grant E. Blanch*, Corvallis

Ed Blinkhorn, Milwaukie

Arnold Bodtker,* Junction City

Larry Boersma, Corvallis

Ralph Bogart*, Corvallis

Edith Bohnert, Central Point

John Bohnert, Central Point

Otto Bohnert*, Central Point

Walter Bollen, Corvallis

Floyd Bolton*, Corvallis

Carl E. Bond*, Corvallis

Earl Bonham, The Dalles

Carl Bosch, Tillamook

Irene Bosch, Tillamook

Charity Bowers, Harrisburg

Quentin Bowman, Salem

Philip M. Brandt, Jr.*, Salem

Eldred Breese, Prineville

Jyrle (Jerry) Breese, Prineville

Donald Brewer, Lacey, WA

Byron Brinton, Baker City

Ernest J. Briskey*, Waunakee, WI

Russ Bristow*, Astoria

Lyle Brooks*, Forest Grove

Royal Brooks, Wilsonville

Bernice Brown, McMinnville

Gordon Brown*, Hood River

William G. Brown, Corvallis

Father Dominic Broxmeyer*, St. Benedict

Kirby Brumfield, McMinnville

James Brunner, Medford

James E. Bryson, Newberg

Dale Buck, Cloverdale

D. E. Bullis*, Corvallis

David Burkhart, Hood River

Conrad M. Burmester*, Portland

James Burr, Bend

Burton B. Burroughs*, Adrian

Charles Bushman, Portland

Maurice Buxton, Molalla

John Byrne, Corvallis

Robert F. Cain, Corvallis

Claude C. Calkins, Spokane WA

H. Ronald Cameron, Portland

Homer Campbell*, Corvallis

Margaret Campbell, Condon

Marguerite Campbell, Corvallis

Lynn Cannon, Coquille

Joseph Capizzi*, Corvallis

George Carlon, Summer Lake

Betty Graves Carlson, Heppner

Louis Carlson, Heppner

Jennie Casale, Aurora

Wren Case, Cove

Emery N. Castle*, Corvallis

Orella Chadwick, Tillamook

Virgil Chadwick, Tillamook

Douglas Chambers*, Salem

Kenton Chambers, Corvallis

Charles Chandler, Baker City

Jack R. Chapin, Salem

Horace B. Cheney*, Corvallis

David Chilcote*, Corvallis

David Childs, The Dalles

George W. Chin, Klamath Falls

Te May Ching, Fremont, CA

Fred Cholick*, Portland

Ben Christensen, Harrisburg WA

Glen Christensen*, McMinnville

Stanley Christensen*, McMinnville

David Church, Corvallis

W. James Clawson, Dallas

Ray Clayton*, Portland

Chet Coats*, Wasco

Charles M. Colton*, Baker

Roger Collis, Roseburg

Mary Tingley Compton*, Corvallis

Oliver C. Compton*, Corvallis

Homer A. Conger*, Central Point

Clifford D. Conrad*, Salem

Clive W. Cook*, Canby

Donald Cook, Pendleton

Alfred Coombs, Prairie City

Eugene Cooper, Blodgett

Glenn Cooper*, The Dalles

Cliff Cordy*, Central Point

Remi Coussens, Hillsboro

Joseph R. Cox*, Corvallis

Frederick "Fritz" Cramer, The Dalles

Helen Crawford, Ione

John H. Croghan*, Elgin

Alton Cronk*, McMinnville

Myron Cropsey*, Corvallis

R. Roland Crosiar*, Monmouth

Walter H. Crouse, Grants Pass

Hamblin Howes Crowell*, Corvallis

Ralph S. Crum, Ione                            

Charlie Crump*, Adel

Morris Culver*, Eugene

Bill Curtis*, Sherwood

Florence Mae Cyrus, Sisters

Willard H. Cyrus, Sisters

Eugene V. Dannen, Monmouth

Don Davidson*, St. Paul

Thomas Davidson, Hermiston

Harold B. Davis, McMinnville

John R. Davis*, Corvallis

Juanita Davis*, Corvallis

Leighton Davis*, Corvallis

Ronald Davis, Arlington

Mildred Davy, Tillamook

Murray Dawson*, Monroe, WA

Ernest DeAlton, Newberg

Howard R. Delano*, Oregon City

Sam Dement*, Myrtle Point

Don Denman, Medford

David E. Densley, Baker City

Allan Deutsch, Corvallis

Ernest M. Dickinson*, Corvallis

Paul Dickman*, Silverton

Harry Dinkel, Culver

H. S. Dixon, Tillamook

Vincent Dobbin, Hillsboro

Bill Dolan, St. Paul

William Domes, Rickreall

Randolph William Dorran, Helix

Russell Dorran, Hermiston

Bernard S. Douglass*, Hillsboro

Robert Duckwall, Hood River

Cleve Dumdi*, Junction City

Ellie Dumdi*, Junction City

Lloyd Dumdi*, Carlton

Roger Dumdi*, McMinnville

Donald J. Duncan*, Portland

Arnold C. Ebert*, Salem

Cecil Edwards*, Salem

Ewald W. Ek, West Linn

Terence B. Elder, Corvallis

James Elings, Klamath Falls

Virgil Ellet, The Dalles

Paul R. Elliker, Otter Rock

Harry Elliott, Bridgeport

James Elliott, Astoria

Ken Elliott*, Dallas

Kerman Ellzey, Beaverton

Beryl Elmore, Applegate

Harold Evans, Lake Oswego

Ben Evick, Madras

Steven J. Eyman*, Canby

Aliene Fallesen*, Crabtree

James J. Farley, Heppner

Phil Farrell, Madras

William K. Farrell, Beaverton

Tony Fieber*,Toledo

Margaret L. Fincke*, Corvallis

Catherine Fine, Frenchglen

Charles M. Fischer*, Corvallis

Donald Fisher, Junction City

Eugene Fisher, Oakland

Lawrence Fisher, Sublimity

John S. Fisk*, Pendleton

Mary Fitzgerald, Lakeview

Frank Fobert*, Hubbard

Ashton Foerst*, Grants Pass

Kenneth Ford, Roseburg

J. W. Forrester, Astoria

Len Forster, Shedd

Lee Foster*, Hood River

H. Clayton Fox, Imbler

Rodney Frakes, Corvallis

Lawrence E. Francis*, Salem

W. A. Frazier*, Corvallis

Virgil H. Freed*, Corvallis

Joseph W. Freeman*, Baker City

Raymond French, Heppner

Murray Fretz*, Mosier

Alvin Friedrich, Canby

W. Dean Frischknecht*, Corvallis

John Frizzell*, Saskatchewan, Canada

Beverly Froude, Tigard

Carl Froude, Tigard

DeLane Fry, Hillsboro

Gordon Galbraith, Madras

Bernard Gamble, Junction City

Lyell Gardner, Gaston

Ralph Garren Jr.*, Corvallis

Dillard Gates, Vancouver WA

John W. Gates*, Hillsboro

Ruth M. Gates*, Hillsboro

Charles G. Gavin*, Enterprise

J. J. Geaney, Coquille

Mark Gehlar, Salem

J. Spencer George, Newberg

Paul Gerber*, Yachats

W. T. Geurts, Salem

Lloyd Gift, Klamath Falls

C. J. Gilbert*, Pilot Rock

Jeanne Marie Gilbert*, Pilot Rock

Lawrence Gnos*, Otis

Norm Goetze*, Corvallis

Donald C. Gomes, Sr., Antelope

Robert Goodpasture, Vida

Herman Goschie, Silverton

Don Grabe*, Sisters

Fred B. Grabhorn, Beaverton

Dorris Wilcox Graves, Heppner

Andrew Greeley, Jordan Valley

Jerry Green, Corvallis

Joseph C. Greenley, Boise ID

Keith Gressley, Ontario

Wesley Grilley, Pendleton

Edgar B. Grimes*, Harrisburg

John K. Grimes, Dallas

Roland H. Groder*, San Diego CA

A. E. (Gene) Gross*, Klamath Falls

Louie Gross*, Mt Angel

Elmer Grossen, Hillsboro

Glen Grossen, Hillsboro

Lillie Grossen, Hillsboro

Louise Grothe, Lakeview

J. Richard Guerber*, Corvallis

Tom Guerin, Myrtle Point

Ernest Guerrero, Klamath Falls

Juliette Gunderman, McMinnville

Gery Gustafson, Vida

Sherman Guttridge*, Baker City











J. R. Haag*, Corvallis

Fred Hagelstein, Vancouver, WA

Jack Hagerty, Cloverdale

Oscar Hagg*, Hillsboro

Otto John Hahn, Corvallis

George E. Hall, Beaverton

James Hall, Corvallis

Paige L. Hall*, Lebanon

Robert Hall, Roseburg

Fred L. Halvarson, Salem

Carmelita Halvorsen, Ione

Austin Hamer, Redmond

Lyle W. Hammack*, Tigard

Elmer Hansen*, Corvallis

Henry Hansen, Sublimity

N. John Hansen, Dallas

Newton Hansen, Portland

Earl Hardie, Condon

Wendell Harmon, Beavercreek

Jesse E. Harmond*, Corvallis

James A. Harper*, Corvallis

Myron Harper*, Brooks

S. Jane Harper, Brooks

Ralph Hart, Island City

Melvin Hartill, Astoria

Sam E. Hartley*, Nyssa

Tom Hartung*, Portland

Glenn Harvey*, Corvallis

Grace R. Harvey, Pilot Rock

Mildred Harvey*, Corvallis

Duane Hatch, Eugene

JoAnn Hathaway, Corvallis

Roy Hathaway, Corvallis

Alfred Haunold, Corvallis

Ernest M. Hauser*, Ontario

Donald Hawkins, Pendleton

Helen Hays, Albany

Sam Hayes, Bay City

Marie Headlee, Springfield

Orville Headlee, Springfield

Donald Helfer, Corvallis

Reed Hemenway, Cottage Grove

Robert W. Henderson*, Corvallis

Roy Hendrick, Brookings

Louis Hennies*, Turner

John Henny*, Salem

Dick Henzel*, Klamath Falls

Francis Herb, Forest Grove

Jerold Herburger*, Beaverton

Adam Hersch*, Salem

Ray Hertel*, Hillsboro

Hank Hess*, Waldport

Henry Heyden*, La Grande

Dick Hibberd*, Elgin

Hildah Highbe*, Beaverton

Don Hill*, Corvallis

Fred W. Hill*, Walla Walla WA

James Hill, Jr. Arch Cape

John Hill, Eugene

Ellen Benson Hobson, Amity

Joe Hobson Sr., Keizer

Ray J. Hobson, Amity

Doris E. Hoeft, Pendleton

Edwin Hoeft, Pendleton

Neil Hoffman*, Ontario

Fritz Hofmann, Tillamook

Glenn Hogg*, Salem

Margaret D. Hogg*, Salem

Ronald Hogg*, Salem

Ben Holdman, Pendleton

Harold F. Hollands*, Corvallis

Clifford Holmes*, Canby

Priday B. Holmes*, Redmond

Ray L. Holt, Corvallis

Chester Horner*, Corvallis

Mary Horning, Woodburn

Howard Horton, Corvallis

Don Hotchkiss, Lakeview

Bill Howell, Imbler

Herb Howell*, Astoria

Charles (Tag) Howland, Klamath Falls

Chauncey Hubbard*, Jr., Corvallis

Robert Huckfeldt DVM, Redmond

Otto Hudrlik*, Molalla

Rob Hukari, Hood River

Vernon Hulit, Portland

Dan Hull, Talent

Edith Hull, Lebanon

Ralph Hull*, Monroe

William L. Hulse, Dufur

Elmer Humphrey, Monroe

Robert Humphreys*, Sublimity

Lee O. Hunt, Winston

Dayton O. Hyde*, Hot Springs, SD

Gerda Hyde*, Chiloquin

William W. Ingle, Hubbard

John Inskeep*, Oregon City

Truscott Irby, Baker City

Thomas Iseri, Ontario

Arleigh Isley, LaGrande

Akira Iwasaki, Hillsboro

George Iwasaki, Hillsboro

Bill Jaeger, Condon

Walter Jaeger*, Mayville

Robert Jappert*, Redmond

Joe W. Jarvis, Summerville

Olger Jemtegaard*, Boring

George H. Jenkins*, Coquille

Melvin C. Jenks, Tangent

Dr. Harold Jensen*, Philomath

James Jensen*, Green Valley AZ

Louisa Jensen*, Corvallis

Peter Jensen, Halsey

Robert Jepsen, Heppner

Suzanne Jepsen, Heppner

Leonard Jernstedt, Carlton

Donna Johns, Athena

Maurice Johns, Athena

Cecil L. Johnson, Grants Pass

Donald L. Johnson, Eugene

Howard Johnson, Wallowa

Joe Bonner Johnson, Walla Walla WA

Leona Clothier Johnson, Glide

Marilyn Johnson, Wallowa

Reid Johnson, Wallowa

Rod Johnson, Powell Butte

Alberta B. Johnston*, Corvallis

C. E. Jones, Corvallis

D. E. Jones, Ontario

John T. "Bud" Jones, Cove

Robert Dean Jones, Corvallis

Don W. Jossy*, Cornelius

Don Kabler*, Corvallis

Jack Kalina, Albany

Isao Kameshige, Ontario

Marguerite Kaseberg*, Wasco

Paulen Kaseberg*, Wasco

Rex Kaseberg*, The Dalles

Carl W. Kaser*, The Dalles

Hanyan J. Kasner, Blodgett

Leone A. Kasner, Blodgett

Paul Keady*, Seal Rock

Hugh Kennington, Ontario

James Kerns, Klamath Falls

Ray Kerr*, Keizer

Don Kessi*, Blodgett

Kenneth J. Killingworth*, Fossil

Albert "Ray" Kilpatrick, Powell Butte

Frank King, Klamath Falls

Ralph Kirby, Hood River

Dale E. Kirk*, Corvallis

William Kittredge*, Missoula, MT

James Klahre, Hood River

Lyle Klampe*, Salem

Glenn Klein*, Corvallis

Marvin Klemme*, Bessie OK

Dorothy Klock, Corbett

Edna Knoche, Powell Butte

Henry Knoche, Powell Butte

Ray D. Knowles, Redmond

Robert Knox*, Wedderburn

Mathias Kolding, Pendleton

Joe Yoshio Komoto*, Ontario

Dorothy Kopacz, Hermiston

Henry Kopacz, Hermiston

Julia Korstad, Eugene

Frederick Kramer, The Dalles

Annie Krebs*, Ione

Dorothy Krebs, Boardman

Henry Krebs, Ione

Francis Krouse*, Grants Pass

Myrtle Krouse, Grants Pass

Don Kruse, Roseburg

H. Bert Kruse, Roseburg

Ernie Kuck*, The Dalles

Lee Kuhn*, Corvallis

Leonard Kunzman, Salem

Harry Lagerstedt, Corvallis

John H. Landers, Jr.*, Corvallis

Andrew S. Landforce, Corvallis

Pat Landis, Tillamook

George Landrith*, Salem

R. Donald Langmo, Cheyene WY

Antone P. Larsen, Portland

Oscar M. Larsen, Oregon City

Francis Lawrence*, Corvallis

Charles Leach*, Corvallis

Gene M. Lear*, Corvallis

Orvid Lee*, Corvallis

John Leffel, Hillsboro

Walter Leth*, Salem

Hans Leuthold, Tillamook

Lou Levy*, Pendleton

Alice Lindsay, Grants Pass

Flossie Lindsay*, Albany

Genevieve Lindsay*, Shedd

Robert Lindsay, Shedd

Jack Liskey, Klamath Falls

Philomena Liskey, Merrill

Don Logan*, N. Plains

Porter Lombard, Medford

Jay B. Long*, Corvallis

David Lowry, Phoenix

Robert Lowry, Albany

Marjorie Luce, Ashland

Otto Lydy, Marcola

Robert U. Mace*, Central Point

Harry Mack*, Corvallis

Andrea Mackey*, Corvallis

Hector Macpherson*, Albany

Dwight Macy*, Culver

Jay Macy*, Madras

Howard Mader*, Aumsville

Louie Magee*, Dayton

Louis Malensky, Sr.*, Hillsboro

Don Maltby*, Canby

Juanita Manley, Eugene

Irvin Mann*, Forest Grove

Paul Mann*, Silverton

L. J. Marks*, Hermiston

Carl Marnach, Newberg

Emil C. Marx*, Rickreall

Gerald E. Mason, Hines

Ann Mast*, Coquille

Hollis Mast*, Coquille

Darrell Maxwell, Pendleton

Alton McBride, Long Creek

Ruth McCabe, Ione

Donna McCormack, Prineville

William McCormack, Prineville

Kenneth McCrae*, Monmouth

William McGuire*, Corvallis

John W. McKean*, Portland

Levi Henry McKee*, Amity

William McKee, Tigard

Wilma Simm McKee*, Amity

Fred McKenzie*, Corvallis

Glen R. McKenzie, Summerville

Ray McNeilan, Portland

Elden McRobert, Hillsboro

Robert H. Mealey, Albany

Eva A. Meek*, Cornelius

Eddie Meeker, Klamath Falls

Frank R. Meeker, Salem

Phil Meeker*, Amity

Kenneth Meier*, Salem

Lawrence Merriam, Corvallis

Everett Metzentine*, Wamic

Dr. Robert J. Metzger*, Corvallis

Donald Michael, West Linn

Drew Michaels*, Salem

George Migaki, Newberg

Oscar E. Mikesell*, Albany

Bill Miley, Aurora

Gloria Miley, Aurora

Edith Miller, Corvallis

Edwin Miller, Jr., Heppner

Gertrude Miller*, Siletz

Harold L. Miller, Aurora

Tim Miller, Siletz

Vernon Miller*, The Dalles

Clare R. Millhouser, Monmouth

Jerry E. Mills, Jr., Salem

Donald Minear, Medford

Benson C. Mitchell Jr., Newberg

Gwen Mitchell, Helix

Frank M. Monahan, Condon

Cal Monroe*, Corvallis

Paul Montecucco*, Canby

Virgil Montecucco, Canby

Allen Moore, Hood River

C. William Moore, Ontario

Christine Moore, Ontario

Earl Moore*, Hood River

Robert M. Morgan, Gleneden Beach

Richard Morita, Corvallis

Andy Morrow, Madras

Wayne Mosher*, Salem

John Mulholland, Gaston

Floyd C. Mullen, Albany

John L. Mulloy*, Hillsboro

Curtis Mumford*, Corvallis

Shigeo Murakami, Ontario

LaVerne Murphy, Umpqua

H. Joe Myers*, Corvallis

Walter Naegeli, Tillamook

Dr. Harry Nakaue, Corvallis

Joseph Naumes*, Medford

Richard Nelsen, Prineville

E. M. "Al" Nelson*, The Dalles

Wade Newbegin, Sr.*, Portland

Gene Newcomb, Philomath

Ben A. Newell*, Salem

Earl Newport, Waldport

Robert Nickelsen, Hood River

Bob Nixon*, Junction City

Charles Norris, Hermiston

Mary Norton, Madras

Raymond Novotny*, Ontario

James R. Nunamaker, Hood River

Clayton Nyberg*, Tualatin

Evelyn Nye, Medford

Louis M. Oester, Corvallis

Clarice Ogle, Monmouth

Robert Ohling*, Salem

Dr. James E. Oldfield*, Corvallis

Jerry O'Leary*, Paisley

Arlene Oliver, John Day

Don Ollivant, Roseburg

Paul Oman*, Corvallis

Donald Ostensoe, Portland

Charles M. Otley, Diamond

Walther Henry Ott, Westfield NJ

Hollis Ottaway*, Dallas

James Ottoman, Malin

Geraldine Ottosen, Junction City

William Panike, Ontario

Fred Panusis, Central Point

Alvin L. Parker, Gladstone

Peggy Parker, Tillamook

Ruth Pasley, Hillsboro

Olaf (Ole) Paulson, Silverton

Albert M. Pearson*, Salem

Ellington Peek, Cottonwood, CA

Lindell Perkins, Grants Pass

Joe Peters*, Morrow

William A. Peters, Banks

Roger Petersen*, Corvallis

Burdette Peterson, Corvallis

Don Peterson, Pendleton

Elmer Peterson, Portland

Ervin L. Peterson, Sacramento, CA

Farrell Peterson, Nyssa

Roy Peterson, Tillamook

Oliver Wendell Petty, Albany

R. J. Philippi, Arlington

Fred Phillips II, Baker

Cecil Pierce, Fallon, Nevada

Allan Pinkerton, Surprise, AZ

James Pitney, Junction City

Randall Pope, Merrill

Dr. Charles E. Poulton, Gresham

Emmett Pryor, Condon

Paul R. Pugh*, Shedd

Vance Pumphrey*, Pendleton

W. T. Putman, Jr.*, Hillsboro

Archibald Pye, Tillamook

Robert J. Raleigh*, Burns

Robert Ramig*, Pendleton

Henry H. Rampton*, Corvallis

Louis Randall*, Bonanza

Donald L. Rasmussen*, Salem

Raphael Raymond*, Helix

John H. Rea, Touchet WA

Herschel Read, Culver

Pauline Reed, Burns

John Reith, Sr.*, Astoria

Dick Renken*, The Dalles

Harold E. Rice, Springfield

Amos C. Rich*, Hillsboro

Lou Richards*, Monmouth

Dan Richmond, Portland

Archie Riekkala, Astoria

Paul O. Ritcher*, Green Valley

Paul A. Ritchey*, Forest Grove

Hugh Ritchie, Roseburg

LaBrie Ritchie, Roseburg

A. N. Roberts*, Corvallis

Wayne Roberts, McMinnville

Ben L. Robinson*, La Grande

Merlyn Robinson, Heppner

Ralph Robinson*, La Grande

William C. Robinson, Portland

Jefferson B. Rodgers, Corvallis

B.J. Rogers, Dexter

Charles Rohde*, Pendleton

Clarene Arlena Rohner, Baker City

Edwin Rohner, Albany

Orville Nelson Rohner*, Baker City

Willard Rolfe*, Grass Valley

May Romig, Rickreall

John Rosebrook, Beavercreek

Charles R. Ross*, Corvallis

Ed Ross, Salem

Jackson W. Ross*, Corvallis

Ted Rossner*, McMinnville

Lewis F. Roth, Albany

Agnes Rothauge, Cottage Grove

Ed Rothauge, Cottage Grove

George E. Royes*, Sr., Imbler

Oris Rudd, Ontario

Shirley Rugg, Heppner

Orville Ruggles*, Grass Valley

Virgil Rupp, Pendleton

Donald Rydrych, Helix

Owen Sabin, Milwaukie

Dale Sadler, Pryor, OK

Joe Saito, Ontario

Paul Saito, Ontario

Ralph Salisbury*, Corvallis

William Sandine, Temecula, CA

Donald Sands, La Grande

Melvin Satrum*, Silverton

W. A. "Art" Sawyer*, Salem

Rolland W. Schaad*, La Grande

Rudy Schaad*, Newberg

W. H. C. Schallig*, Corvallis

Alda M. Scharf, Perrydale

E. J. Scharf*, Perrydale

Robert E. Scharf*, Perrydale

Florence Scharff*, Burns

John Scharff*, Burns

Jean W. Scheel*, Corvallis

Arnold "Dale" Scheller, Hillsboro

J. Frank Schmidt, Jr.*, Boring

Phillip W. Schneider*, Portland

George Schneiter*, Warm Springs

Richard Schoeler*, Hillsboro

Herman Schoen*, Hillsboro

Robert Schoning, Corvallis

Keith Wyman Schrepel, Yamhill

George H. Schroeder*, Sherwood

Walt Schroeder, Gold Beach

Harry Schuening, Helix

Hal Schudel*, Blodget

Harold W. Schultz, Corvallis

Les Schwab*, Prineville

Delores Scott, Jordan Valley

Thomas G. Scott*, Fort Collins, CO

Everett Seagoe, Merlin

Velma Seat*, Corvallis

Ed Shannon*, Portland

Creston J. Shaw*, Corvallis

Marvin N. Shearer, Corvallis

Connie Sheets, Hillsboro

W. Arden Sheets, Hillsboro

John Shipley, Morrow

Guy Shumway, McMinnville

Russell Sinnhuber*, Corvallis

Corwin Sidwell*, Salem

Carolyn Kaufman Simmons, Silverton

Roma Sitton, McMinnville

Everett Skeans, Rainier

Robert H. Skinner, Jordan Valley

Thomas Skinner, Caldwell, ID

Myrtle Slanger, Seaside

Audrey Smith, Corvallis

Betty Jo Smith, Shedd

Clifford L. Smith*, Corvallis

Earl Smith*, Antelope

Evelyn Covert Smith, Klamath Falls

Floyd Smith, Shedd

G. Delbert Smith*, Portland

John S. Smith, Halsey

Morris X. Smith*, Toledo

Randy Smith, Sr.*, Dallas

Ray Smith, Forest Grove

Robert L. Smith, Lake Oswego

Kenneth J. Smouse, Ione

Forest Sneva, Burns

Paul Spillman*, Powell Butte

Martha Spratling, Haines

Arthur Staehely, Oregon City

Charles Stanger, Jr., Boise ID

Gordon Stanley, Eagle Point

Phoebe Staples, Eugene

Lawrence R. Starr*, Summerville

Edwin J. Stastny, Sr., Malin

Ira M. Stauss*, Corvallis

Robert Stebbins, Corvallis

Avery H. Steinmetz*, Portland

William Stephen*, Corvallis

Claude Steusloff*, Salem

Robert Stevely, Warren

E. C. Stevenson*, Corvallis

Freda Stevenson, Madras

Roy Stevenson, Madras

William Stevenson, Jr., Eugene

Robert J. Steward*, Keating

Ralph Stoffer, Portland

LeRoy Stone, Eugene

Clara Storvick*, Corvallis

Roy Strader, Roseburg

Robert Straub*, Salem

Albert Straus, Central Point

Dalton Straus, Central Point

Horace T. Strong, Davis, CA

Vernon Struble, Corvallis

John Stubstad, Ontario

James A. Sullivan*, Hillsboro

A.W. "Bill" Sweet, North Bend

Rita Swyers, Hood River

Esther Taskerud*, Corvallis

Neil Taylor, Lakeview

Bonnie Templeton*, Los Angeles, CA

Kay Teramura, Ontario

Yasu Teramura, Ontario

Gerald Terjeson, Helix

Margaret Teufel*, Hillsboro

Jack Thienes, The Dalles

Bill Thomas, Kimberly

Bob Thomas, Baker City

Catherine Thomas*, Wasco

Dewey Thomas, Wasco

Marion D. Thomas, Corvallis

Betty Thompson, Boring

Donald Thompson*, Moro

Gray Thompson*, Milwaukie

Maxine Thompson, Corvallis

Thomas Thompson, Portland

Stan Timmermann*, Pendleton

Dr. Ian Tinsley, Corvallis

Doug Tippett, Joseph

Janie Tippett, Joseph

Harvey Tofte, Canby

Palmer S. Torvend*, Hillsboro

Edwin J. Totten*, Dallas

Frank Tubbs*, Adams

Virginia Tubbs, Adams

William H. Tucker, Estacada

Henry Turk, Grants Pass

Bert Udell, Lebanon

Betty Udell, Lebanon

Tom Uriu, Ontario

Art Van Gilder, The Dalles

Marjorie Van Gilder, The Dalles

Bert Vanderzanden*, Hillsboro

Henry Vanderzanden*, Banks

Walter Vanderzanden*, Hillsboro

F. T. VanDyke*, Forest Grove

Harold VanDyke*, Forest Grove

George VanLeeuwen*, Halsey

Liz VanLeeuwen, Halsey

Theodore VanVeen, Jr.*, Portland

Clarence Venell, Corvallis

Robert Vogel, Talent

Virginia Vogel, Talent

James Vomocil, Corvallis

Frank Von Borstel, Salem

Lester S. Wade, Reedsport

Margaret Wade, Reedsport

Eldon Wagenblast, The Dalles

Helen Wagner, Oregon City

George Waldo*, Marysville WA

Donald R. Walker, McMinnville

Don Coin Walrod*, Deer Island

Lenore Walters, Wamic

James Wampler, Waldport

Ralph Ward, Baker City

Fred Warner, Baker City

Dan Warnock, Jr., Baker City

Dan Warnock, Sr., Baker City

Rex Warren*, Corvallis

Benno Warkentin*, Corvallis

Barbara Watson, Portland

John T. Wavra, Woodburn

Fielding K. Weatherford, Arlington

Leona Weatherford, Arlington

Marion T. Weatherford*, Arlington

Dale Weber, Corvallis

Norm Weigand, Powell Butte

John Z. Weimar, Arlington

Robert L. Weir*, Lakeview

William C. Weir, Davis, CA

Stan Weishaar, La Grande

Perry Wells*, Independence

George C. Wendland, Sherwood

Elsie Fern Werth, Grand Ronde

Harold Werth, Corvallis

Melvin N. Westwood, Corvallis

Paul Weswig*, Corvallis

Louis J. Wettstein, Ontario

John S. Wieman, Portland

Mildred Wilcox Whipple, Drain

Agnes Wilcox, Oakland

George Wilcox, Oakland

R. H. Wilcox, Portland

C. Victor Wiley, Powell Butte

Dick Wilkinson, Heppner

Virginia Wilkinson, Heppner

Leonard I. Will, Klamath Falls

Claude F. Williams, Prineville

Hugh L. Williams*, Hillsboro

W. L. "Bill" Williams*, Silverton

James Wilson, Monmouth

Morris E. Wilson, Condon

Earl Winegar, Ontario

Linton Winishut, Warm Springs

Lee Winneford, Umpqua

Ben Wipper*, Turner

Alan Withers, Paisely

John Withers*, Paisley

James Witt, Corvallis

John W. Wolfe, McMinnville

G. Burton Wood*, Corvallis

Don A. Woodward, Pendleton

Joe Wright, Klamath Falls

Kenneth Wulff, Enterprise

J.Lowell Young*, Corvallis

Juan Young, Portland

Roy A. Young*, Corvallis

Harold Youngberg, Keizer

John Yungen, Central Point

Milburn Ziegler, Newberg

Tom Zinn, Corvallis

Dr. Edmund Zottola, Cook, MN

Afton Zundel*, Lake Oswego

Marjorie Marie Zurcher*, Cornelius

Karl Zweifel, Tillamook