2021 Research Poster - Beginning Researchers Support Program

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2021 Poster - Gray Madison

Gary Madison

Imitating Behavior: Do-As-I-Do Dog Training Children Train Dogs to Imitate Human Behavior

2021 Poster - Lillian Greener

Lillian Greener

Isolation and cryopreservation of Labyrinthulazosterae, cause of wasting disease in seagrass Zostera marina

2021 Poster - Ashley Marxsen

Ashley Marxsen

Defining the habitat characteristics and preferences of Coastal Cutthroat Trout and Coastal Giant Salamanders in headwater streams in Oregon

2021 Poster - M. Lee

Mikaela Lee

Comparison of Sperm Protein Reactive with Antisperm Antibody Expression in Domestic and Wild Mares

2021 Poster - Morvillo


Assessing habitat in the Nisqually River Delta using Remote sensing and on-the-ground surveys

2021 Poster - Rory Corrigan

Rory Corrigan

Dam Removal Cost Factors

2021 Poster - Anthony Stevanus Suryamiharja

Anthony Stevanus Suryamiharja

Chemical bases of ultrasonication in sustainable food science and technology

Collen Swafford Steffensen

Collen Swafford Steffensen

The Evaluation of Nasa ECOSTRESS Water Use Efficiency Estimates on Southern Oregon Vineyards

2021 Poster - Alyssa Thibodeau

Alyssa Thibodeau

The Effects of milking and cleaning procedures on the quality and microbiota of raw goat milk

Chris Gifford

Burning for information: Oregonians’ information source preferences during the 2020 wildfire season

Bryce Sattenspiel

Can nutrient concentrations explain difference in cyanobacteria emergence across years?