Eco-Informatics Summer Institute 2008: Presentations and summary papers

  • EcoHydrology: Relationships and Processes Driving Fluctuations in Streamflow (ppt) (paper summary)
    Students: Linda Sato and Quincey Blanchard
    Mentors: Cody Hale, Eugene Zheng, Julia Jones
  • Unraveling the Effects of Climate Change and Forest Management on Snowpack (ppt) (paper summary)
    Students: Katy D’Amico, Robin Leung, and Zach Portman
    Mentors: Eric Sproles, Julia Jones, Anne Nolin, Lauren Parker
  • Moth and Meadows: Mapping Guilds (ppt) (paper summary)
    Students: William Berk, Patrick Water, Sean McGregor
    Mentors: Tom Dietterich, Steven Highland, Jeff Miller, Weng Keen Wong
  • The Effect of Woody Debris in Streams (ppt) (paper summary)
    Students: Ben Blonder, Max Brugger, Tracy Jacobs
    Mentors: Randy Wildman, Desiree Tullos, and Stan Gregory
  • Characterization of Subsurface Flows Within a Headwater Catchment (ppt) (paper summary)
    Students: Johanna Weston, Sam Potter, Colin Curwin-McAdams
    Mentors: Travis Roth, John Selker, Sherri Johnson,