Eco-Informatics Summer Institute 2014: Presentations and summary papers

Engineered Log Jams
Mentors: Desiree Tullos, Cara Walter, and Alan Stanton

  • Isabela "Izzy" Brown: Computing the Importance of Physical and Hydraulic Variables to Fish Habitat Selection Through Multiple Linear Regression (ppt) (paper)
  • Skyler Doak: Juvenile Coho Salmonid Energy Expenditure in a Turbulent Flow Field (ppt) (paper)
  • Heather Sweeney: Markov Models for Coho Variable Selection (ppt) (paper)
  • Shannon Rumage: Accuracy of Large Scale Data In Aquatic Ecosystems (paper)

Pollinator Networks
Mentors: Julia Jones, Tom Dietterich, Andy Moldenke, Rebecca Hutchinson, Vera Pfeiffer, Eddie Helderop

  • Lauren Beatty and Ryan DeMuse: Describing Subcommunity Structure In a PlantPollinator Network With Physical Traits (ppt) (paper)
  • Kaitlin Horan and Ivan Pyzow: Predicting Plant-Pollinator Interactions in Montane Meadows Using a Multinomial Model (ppt) (paper)
  • Jacob Lambert: Implicit Feedback Recommendation for Plant-pollinator Networks (ppt) (paper)
  • Ruth Mares: Analysis of Forb Community Composition as a Function of Distance from the Forest Edge in a Montane Meadow of the Central Oregon Cascades (ppt) (paper)
  • Disa Yu: How do the pollinators' flower preferences affect the features of the pollination network? (ppt) (paper)