Eco-Informatics Summer Institute 2016: Presentations and summary papers

Sediment movement across river networks following disturbances

Working with Uncertainty in Sparse and Unreliable Data (presentation, paper)
Michael Lopez and Rebecca Haralson

Modeling the Impact of Wildfire on Reservoir Capacity (presentation)
Mora Camplair

Modeling Post-Fire Sediment Yields in the Upper Mad River Basin, California (presentation)
Daniel Buhr and Elizabeth Hamilton

Modeling Post-Fire Sediment Yields and Reservoir Capacity in the Upper Mad River Basin, California (paper)
Daniel Buhr, Mora Camplair and Elizabeth Hamilton

Plant-pollinator networks in a changing forest landscape

Population dynamics of Apis mellifera - an application of N-Mixture Models (presentation, paper)
Adam Schneider

Preferences of Bombus mixtus (bumblebee) for flowers in meadows of the HJ Andrews Forest (presentation, paper)
Kylie Havemann

Relationship Between Pollination Behavior of Invasive Honeybees and Native Bumblebees (presentation, paper)
Carolyn Silverman

The stability-diversity debate as related to plant-pollinator networks in the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest (presentation, paper)
Emily Palmer

Influence of pollinator traits on algorithm-based module detection in an H.J. Andrews plant-pollinator network (presentation, paper)
Anne Thomas