After being accepted -

Can we have visitors at the HJ Andrews?
Visitors are welcome but if they are planning to stay with you, there will be a charge for overnight lodging (if there is room for them). Please check with Kathy Keable at the Andrews for guest accommodations.

Should I purchase the air, bus, or train tickets myself?
No. A detailed explanation will be provided by the program manager. You may also drive yourself and be reimbursed.

The information you provided calls for a 40 hour work week, should we expect that weekend and evening activities will be unstructured time?
Some evenings (one/week) are scheduled for discussions/seminars.

I would like to stay in the Oregon area for a week or so after the program. Is there any problem with me booking a return flight later considering that I would then be responsible for my transportation to the airport? 
Yes, you're welcome to book your flight back later if you'd like.

Can I bring a pet?
No pets are allowed at the H. J. Andrews Headquarters site.

What kind of clothing should I bring to HJ Andrews?
While the Oregon summer is mild (warm days, cool evenings), please bring with you the personal gear needed for working in all kinds of weather in difficult terrain (including rain gear, and sturdy, waterproof boots). You should discuss what specific field gear you may need with your project mentors. You may also choose to bring equipment for the many great recreational opportunities in the vicinity of the Andrews Forest including fishing, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, bird-watching, and kayaking. Also see our Gear to Bring list.

What are the living arrangements like at HJ Andrews?
You will be staying in a shared bedroom in a shared apartment at the Andrews Forest Headquarters site. Occasionally, you may be sharing your bedroom with other researchers. Beds and mattresses are provided; you will need to bring your own bedding and pillows. The apartment has a stove, refrigerator, and a full set of basic kitchen equipment. You may bring personal kitchen gear if you wish. Residents in shared apartments often elect to plan out meals for each week and share the cooking and clean up chores.

How far is the nearest grocer from the HJ Andrews?
About 5 miles away

Is there an alcohol policy?
Students over 21 are allowed to have alcohol at HJA but must recycle their own bottles.

Are there laundry facilities?
There are coin-operated clothes washers and dryers at the HJ Andrews Headquarters and OSU dorm.

Is there wireless internet access and cell phone access at HJ Andrews?
There is a full computer lab serviced with a T1 line. Also, there is wireless access available in all the buildings at the Headquarters site. However, the internet access is limited, and the internet use should be for research-related access only. Cell phones usually do not work at the headquarters site, but people often get access by walking 5 minutes down the road.

How can people reach me while at HJ Andrews?

In case of emergency, friends and family can contact you at 541-822-6300. There is only one telephone line available for personal calls either before or after business hours. Given the remoteness of the site, nearly all calls are long distance. Thus, outgoing calls must either be collect or billed to a personal credit card. You can receive mail at the following address:

P.O. BOX 300
Blue River, OR 97413

Do the apartments have televisions?

What are the living arrangements like at OSU?
For the last couple of weeks of the program, you will be staying in dormitories with standard communal cooking facilities. See OSU website for details.