There are over 60 people actively associated with "Entomology at OSU". We come from more than 7 departments across 3 colleges.

For more information, please visit the about us page. For a list of faculty who can lead an MS or PhD program, visit the page with information for students.


Entomology research faculty study a wide array of topics related to insects and other arthropods

Behavior, Biology, and Ecology are key facets that guide our research efforts

Specific current research topics include:
crop protection and integrated pest management - pollinator health - plant-insect interactions - slug and snail management - community ecology - insect behavior - water quality and riparian systems - population dynamics - climate modeling - chemical ecology and communication - biodiversity - nutrition and foraging ecology - effects and efficacy of pesticides - and more!


As one of only 2 land-sea-air-space-and -sun grant universities in the nation, we consider it an honor to provide research-based, objective information to help people solve problems, develop leadership, and manage resources wisely.

Our Extension efforts can be divided broadly into a few categories:

One of the most widely used Extension resources is the PNW Insect Pest Management Handbook. It includes information about pest biology and control methods. Originally produced for commercial pesticide applicators, it is now relevant for gardeners and homeowners as well. Pests are sorted by cropping system for ease of search. The handbook is updated annualy, and is therefore considered the most accurate, up-to-date resource for management recommendations in the region. Click here to access: PNW Insect Pest Management Handbook

Please browse the OSU Extension Service Program page for direct access to timely, useful information aimed at a public audience.

Oregonians also can ask their own insect-related questions through the convenient Ask an Expert portal, or by contacting Extension staff in a local county office.

Extension Entomology