Travel Awards

Even if you don't plan on ever attending a TEAM Tox meeting, if you're working in an EMT laboratory, you're eligible for the new TEAM Tox Student Travel Awards!

A committee of your peers will vote on each application based on applicability, resource need, and available funds.  This year, resources are limited so our goal is to award $500 per each academic year.  Typically, these awards will be for a $100 supplement, or $50 for a student not presenting.  Application deadlines will coincide with the Graduate School:  February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, and November 1st.  If you are traveling this month, please go ahead and apply, we will try to process votes as quickly as possible until the voting cycles are routine.

If accepted we'll give you instructions on how to process your reimbursement.  Specifically, if you fill out a Travel Pre-Approval Form before you travel, this should be easily handled through the TRES reimbursement system.

Click here to download the application.