EOARC Union Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee Members of the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center – Union (EOARC) represent public and private interests involved with agricultural and land management practices associated with cattle production and/or the natural resources of NE Oregon.  Committee members advise the Experiment Station with particular reference to research & extension programs, facilities, priorities, and resources.  Advisory committee members are expected to provide advice which supports the EOARC in meeting its’ Mission of conducting research to understand, conserve, utilize, and manage Oregon's resources, and enhance the economic and social value of related activities.  Advisory committee meetings serve as a vital mechanism for coordinating industry and community interests with EOARC activities including the research programs of individual faculty.  Council Members are expected to be pro-active and provide relevant advice on existing and future agricultural issues impacting the Oregon cattle industry and natural resource management.  Besides providing helpful guidance to the EOARC in prioritizing, developing, and implementing research-related activities, members are expected to help the EOARC in disseminating research findings relevant to their particular constituency group(s).

Shawn Donkin, Tom Price, Staci Simonich, Bryan Endress, David Bohnert, Maura Laverty, Marty Vavra, Donna Beverage, Carol Lorenzen, Cheryl Martin, Mark Coomer

EOARC - Union Station Advisory Committee

Last Name First Name Occupation/Title
Arnzen Dennis Intermountain Livestock - Owner
Beverage Donna Union County Commissioner/Rancher
Coomer Mark Northwest Farm Credit; Relationship Manager
Edge Dan OSU College of Agricultural Sciences; Associate Dean
Fields Jeff The Nature Conservancy; Zumwalt Project Manager
Heffernan Chris Union County Rancher
Laverty Maura Range Program Lead; Wallowa-Whitman National Forest
Martin Cheryl Rancher; OCA Representative
McCoy Terry Animal Health Center - Owner
McElligot Matt Rancher; OCA Public Lands Representative
Nichols Marcus Treasure Valley Community College; Natural Resource Instructor
Oveson Jeff Executive Director; Grande Ronde Model Watershed
Price Tom Price Cattle Co/Interwest Ranch & Farm Mgt.
Vavra Marty OSU/PNW Forest Research Lab/Starkey Emeritus
Vora Nick NRCS; Soil Conservationist
Wisdom Mike Director; Starkey Exp. Forest; PNW Forest Research lab

* Cheryl Martin and Tom Price are Co-Chairs of the Advisory Committee