Open positions with Oregon State University and USDA - ARS

  • Positions with Oregon State University (OSU) are posted on
    • Ranch Foreman, Union OR
  • Positions with USDA-ARS are posted on USAJOBS.
    •       Program Support Assistant

Open positions with The Nature Conservancy

The Oregon Chapter of The Nature Conservancy deserts team is hiring for 3 Precision Restoration Technicians for their upcoming field season. Specifically, the Precision Restoration Technicians will primarily support The Nature Conservancy's Sagebrush Sea Innovative Restoration project by producing and field-testing enhanced seed materials, which are designed to increase the success of native perennial vegetation restoration in wildlands prone to invasion by exotic weeds. Other projects may include traveling to ID, NV, UT, and WY to install and monitor field experiments, conducting seeding on Conservancy preserves, performing controlled germination experiments, and assisting with projects in collaboration with local, state, and federal agencies. The full position announcement can be found by following the hotlink provided above or the links below.

These are full time (40 hour) seasonal positions based in Burns, OR that start on 7/1/2019 and end 12/13/2019.  Deadline to apply is May 6 @ 8:59 PM PT. .

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