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It's more than cattle at the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center stations.

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Powerpoints from Advisory 2020:

OSU Budget/Personnel/Programmatic Update - David Bohnert

ARS Budget/Personnel/Programmatic Update - Chad Boyd

Youth Outreach at EOARC - Gabi Johnson & Petrina White

New OSU Faculty - Juliana Ranches

New ARS Scientist - Rory O’Connor

OSU Scientists & Staff -  Dustin Johnson, Vanessa Schroeder, and David Bohnert

                                    - Dan Edge:  OSU College of Ag Sciences, Our Strategic Advantages

ARS Scientists - Jon Bates, Kirk Davies, Stella Copeland, Erik Hamerlynck, Roger Sheley, Chad Boyd

Powerpoints on Rangeland Topics:

Powerpoints on Cattle Related Topics: