E.R. Jackman

E.R. Jackman Friends and Alumni is the Colleges membership organization for our alumni and friends. This group of dedicated volunteers actively plans, participates in, and supports student programs, alumni relations, and friend building on behalf of the College.

Consider joining this dedicated volunteer organization.

We have a small and nimble board that works year-round on committees to support students. Here is small sampling of the things we do to create opportunities for students and provide learning experiences beyond the walls of a classroom…

Funding a club field trip to a prominent Northwest business, allowing students to hear from leaders about challenges facing the industry.

Providing scholarships to students who might typically ‘fall through the cracks’.

Supporting summer internships for students in Oregon, the U. S. as well as outside the U.S., such as studying cheese-making in France or wine-making in New Zealand.

Sponsoring club outreach events like OSU Dairy Club’s Beaver Youth Day, which invites students from third grade through high school to come to campus and learn about fitting techniques.

Learn more about who E. R. Jackman was and why we have an entire organization proudly bearing his name.

2020 Board Members

Kim Bellingar,

  • Owner of Bellingar Estates wine brand in Newberg
  • Retired Chief Operating Officer of Adelsheim Vineyard in Newberg
  • Graduate of Animal Sciences & Biology from OSU in 2007
  • KimBellingar@gmail.com

Hayden Bush,

  • Agricultural Sciences and Industrial Technology Instructor, Tillamook High School;
  • Agricultural, Animal, Food, and Soil Science, and Welding Instructor, Tillamook Bay Community College.
  • Resides in Tillamook, OR. haydenlbush@gmail.com; 503-812-6189

Stella Melugin Coakley,

  • Retired, Associate Dean Emeritus, College of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Emeritus, Botany and Plant Pathology, Oregon State University.
  • Resides in Corvallis, OR. Stella.coakley@oregonstate.edu; 541-753-6215

Mary Anne Cooper,

  • Vice President of Public Policy for the Oregon Farm Bureau.
  • Honors Bachelor of Science in Environmental Economics, Policy and Management in 2006.
  • Resides in Gladstone. maryanne@oregonfb.org, 541-740-4062

John McCulley,

  • Retired Professional Administrative Services, Inc., administrator for commodity commissions and agricultural organizations; lobbyist.
  • BS in Agricultural Economics from Oregon State University in 1973.
  • Resides in Monmouth, Oregon. john@profadminserv.com 503-559-5464.

Denver Pugh,

  • President of Pugh Seed Farm Inc. and Ampac Seed Co.
  • B.S. in General Agriculture from Oregon State University in 1997.
  • Resides in Shedd, OR. denverpugh@yahoo.com, 541-979-3435.

John Roberts,

  • Retired former Senior Vice President of Harry and David and former chair of the Oregon Water Resources Commission and member of the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board.
  • Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology OSU 1964.
  • Resides in Medford, OR john@roberts1.me 541-944-0540

Kathy Ward,

  • Global Vegetable R&D Testing & Operations Lead, Bayer Crop Science;
  • Oregon State University-Agronomic Crop Science, 1977 BS;
  • Resides in Woodland, CA bluegrasskl@aol.com, 530-867-0566

Karen Withers,

  • Owner of AgCultured Consulting, LLC works with agricultural business and associates on International Trade issues and programs.
  • Oregon State University, Agricultural and Resource Economics Bachelor of Science – 1997.
  • Resides in Turner. karen@agcultured.com, 503-767-8232.

Lou Ann Wolfe,

  • Irrigated agriculture in Hermiston, OR.
  • Merritt-Davis School of Commerce 1965.
  • Contact info: feedlot@eotnet.net; 541-571-3352

2019 Annual Meeting

The E.R. Jackman Friends and Alumni Annual Meeting was held on Friday, October 11, 2019 at the OSU Foundation. Denver Pugh, President of the Board, welcomed twenty-six attendees. Board members in attendance are shown in the picture below.

The full list of Board Members and their contact information can be found in attachment 1. Our 2018-2019 Annual Report can be found in Attachment 2. There were 26 Friends and Alumni participating in the annual Business meeting. The Board officers assuming responsibilities for 2019-2020 are Lou Ann Wolfe, President Elect; Karen Withers, President; and Denver Pugh, Past-President.

Dean Alan Sams provided his reflection on his first year at Oregon State University and shared his view looking forward. He expressed appreciation to the ER Jackman Friends and Alumni for their generosity in supporting the students studying within the College of Agricultural Sciences. Jackie Thorsness, Chief Financial Officer, provided an overview of the final accounting for FY 2019. As of June 30, 2019, the value of the ER Jackman Endowment Funds was $ 2,413,818 with total holdings of $ 2,587,573. Roughly $ 112,000 of our income was directed to support students.

Penny Diebel, Assistant Dean for Academic Programs, summarized up the major ways in which our funds were expended in “E.R. Jackman Friends and Alumni Highlights”. In the CAS Beginning Researcher Program, $ 13,250 was awarded to 11 faculty across 9 departments to support students. Ten students across 7 majors received $ 20,000 in Scholarships; eighteen students across 6 majors received $ 19,200 for domestic and international internships. International internships also receive support from the College’s Global Experience Fund that our Board partnered with to create. In May, $ 42,000 in funding for 21 club, including the ambassadors, was awarded for 2019-2020. Additional support went to the CAS Student Showcase and Career Fair and to assist CAS students in the NSF Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation. At the request of our Board, Dr. Diebel provided a “Proposal for new or additional ER Jackman Funds to support College of Agricultural Sciences Student Engagement”; one goal is to increase the amount of funds available for the Beginning Researcher Program to increase the size of the awards. Another request is to provide funds for undergraduate participation in professional meetings. Another need is for Financial Hardship Grants to help fill emergency needs for students that are within two terms of completion; these would be awarded through a careful vetting process.

Nine students made presentations to the attendees; we had representatives from the CAS Ambassadors, Domestic Internships, Beginning Researchers, Scholarships and two student clubs (TEAM Tox and the Food and Fermentation Club).

The annual meeting concluded with a celebration of the Global Experiences available within the college; Dr. Hiram Larew was acknowledged for his role in creating the Global Experience fund which E.R. Jackman helped to establish.  Since 2013, the fund has provided over $ 40,000 to support thirty-four student experiences with awards ranging from $ 200-$ 2000. Two students presented on their international experiences including an international internship.

Following the meeting, a reception was held to honor the donors and student participants. Four students presented posters; one on an International Internship and  three  Beginning Researcher projects.


ER Jackman Friends and Alumni Board: Annual Meeting, October 11, 2019. From left to right:

Dean Alan Sams, President Denver Pugh, Stella Coakley, Penny Diebel, Kathy Ward, Jack Long, Past-President Lou Ann Wolfe, Kim Bellingar, Jackie Thorsness and John Roberts. Not pictured: Hayden Bush, Mary Anne Cooper, John McCulley, and Karen Withers.

Anna Breen (right), undergraduate in Bioresource Research, explains her internship in Ecuador to Alyssa Nelson (far left) (undergraduate in Animal Sciences) and Liz Larew (donor).

Kirsten Jones (center) (undergraduate in Botany) explains her Beginning Research poster to Lurlyn and Jack Long (right)

From Left: John Roberts (Board member), Lindsay Sandusky (undergraduate in Botany), and Dean Emeritus Dan Arp in front of Lindsay’s Beginning Research poster.

From Left: Liz Larew (donor), Stella Coakley (Board member) and Hiram Larew (creator of Global Experience Fund)

Photography by Heidi Happonen, CAS Communications

From Left to right: Assistant Dean Dr. Penny Diebel, Dr. Hiram Larew, founder of Global Experience Fund, and Anna Breen, undergraduate major in Bioresearch Research

Maya Bergmann explains describes her Beginning Researcher project to President Denver Pugh

Dr. Dale Weber talks with Anna Breen (back to camera) about her international internship in Ecuador.

Lindsay Sandusky (undergraduate in Botany) explains her Beginning Researcher project to Dr. Hiram Larew

Comments from Board Members about why they are serving:

Kim Bellingar "I love OSU and the College of Agricultural Sciences, because that’s where I met my wonderful hubby! I also believe that ERJ is doing wonderful things in being able to provide hard-working students within the College of Agricultural Sciences and a chance to expand their learning beyond the classroom, and take advantage of truly incredible opportunities through clubs and internship programs. I benefitted massively from my experiences with the CAS clubs, ERJ scholarship program, and want to see others have the same opportunity."

Karen Withers “Since my teen years I dreamt of working in International Agriculture. Without the support of the ER Jackman funding that may not have come true. I am very thankful for their financial assistance but even more so the encouragement and communication from my donor who stayed in touch with me beyond my undergraduate years. The College of Ag. Sciences and the ER Jackman Friends and Alumni are amazing organizations changing lives of students every single year!”

Upcoming Events

Friday, October 23, 2020, 2-5 p.m.
Annual ER Jackman Friends and Alumni Board meeting
at the OSU Foundation