Campus Invovelment

Now that you’re here on campus, it might be tempting to stay in your dorm room catching up on the latest Netflix shows or studying in private. Often much of the learning on a college campus actually takes place outside of a formal classroom, which is why engaging in campus activities, whether through organizations or clubs, finding a job, or volunteering, can actually make your academic life more successful.  

Emma MillerEmma Miller, an Agricultural Sciences and Leadership major, participates in campus life on multiple levels. Among her many areas of involvement, Emma is the president of Oregon State’s chapter of Sigma Alpha (the national professional agriculture sorority), the 2015 Oregon Dairy Princess Ambassador, Leadership Academy Fellow, and actively volunteers for the Central FFA as Alumni Secretary. From her perspective, “the CAS offers many opportunities for students to gather and build relationships, better their professional skills, and volunteer on campus”. Teague Teece, a transfer student and a current senior in Agricultural Sciences with minors in Business and Entrepreneurship and Leadership, shares Emma’s perspective on involvement: “When I came to OSU I knew that I strived in structure, I threw myself into a completely new sport and dedicated my time to learning and exploring the resources associated with being an OSU Student. I attribute the majority of my success to the connections I have made on campus.”

“My best advice to new students is to say “Yes”. I would never have been able to create the relationships I have now if I didn’t just stick my neck out and say “yes”. If you receive an email about applying for an internship or a job and it works with your schedule, why not apply? Say yes to opportunity. If you see a poster for a FREE event and free food, say “YES”. If one of your friends wants to go to a movie screening on the quad, say “YES!”” – Teague Teece, senior

As a new student to Oregon State or to the College, it’s important to seek out opportunities to get involved because they can provide social and academic support systems that are crucial for college success. When Emma became involved on campus, she noticed that her grades improved and her GPA increased because she was more focused when busy. Her advice for those looking to get involved in club, volunteer, or leadership activities? “Communication is key to making a connection!” Talk with you advisor about clubs and leadership opportunities in the department and attend events that allow you to learn more about your options (like the Fall Kickoff Gelato Social on September 23 ). “This can lead to more opportunities experiences, and fond memories of a student’s time at Oregon State University.”

Think outside the box about campus involvement, too! Gregory T. Christensen, 2015 graduate of Agricultural Sciences, organized the first College-level one day industry tour prior to his graduation. “Students have many opportunities for out-of-classroom learning, from intramural sports and Greek life, to clubs and volunteer programs […]the one-day industry tour does all that and more. Not only does the participating student learn more about our state’s agricultural industry and large variety of crops/animals, they also bolster their networking skills and create new connections.”