Nikki Marshall

Scholarships made it possible for Nikki Marshall to study sustainable farming and pay for day care.

Nikki Marshall’s research with invasive weed seeds (mentor, Dr. Ed Peachey in Department of Horticulture) led to work in environmental restoration and organic farming. “Interest in non-herbicidal alternatives has encouraged a closer look at the many factors affecting the fate of weed seeds in agricultural and natural systems, from the whole plant level to individual seeds. I have been learning how to control seeds through heat treatments and consumption by beetles. Seeds of invasive species and other weeds pose problems for agriculture and environmental restoration,” she explains.

Nikki Marshall received the Jaworski Scholarship, the E.R. Jackman Scholarship, support from theOregon Seed Trade Association and an award from the American Seed Trade Association with Future Seed Executives to support her research. Marshall states that these scholarships have “opened up opportunities for me in sustainable, organic farming and ecosystem restoration. Financially, they enabled me to pay for childcare for my daughter.”

Her inspiration?  “My daughter Trinity is 8 years old. She is always asking questions and giving me hope.”

Nikki’s story was featured in Terra Magazine.

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