Greg Petrossian

Gregory Petrossian loves alternative learning opportunities. So when Greg finished his freshman year with B’s in biology, and wanted to do better, he got involved in research. According to Greg, his research projects (first with Dr. Kate Field in Microbiology, then with Dr. Mark Zabriskie in Pharmacy) allowed him to apply what he was learning “while still learning—so much better than sitting in class!” In addition, Greg found that he benefited from having mentors, like the graduate students in the research labs he’s been in.

Greg also went on an Observational Medical Internship in India, through Child Family Health International. In India, he observed “allopathic” medicine, as practiced in the US, and also Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM). Greg also experienced an authentic Indian vegetarian diet--he loved it, and he notices that his eating habits have permanently improved. In sum, Greg’s experience “has both seasoned my medical endeavors and begun my thirst for traveling to see other cultures.”

Greg has been a TA in Microbiology, Biology, and Chemistry, and uses what he learned studying for MCAT’s to teach his students. He also has personal achievements and accomplishments, such as playing on the lacrosse club team, being an Ag Ambassador, heading the Pre-Med club, and producing a rap video about studying for the MCAT’s. (link)

Greg recently entered a masters program in Health Care Management at Johns Hopkins. He says he has "totally transformed my career path away from pursuing medical school. The education, resources, and connections I have made with this program have opened my eyes to the opportunities in the business of healthcare."

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