Ken Munson - CAS Distinguished Alumni Legacy Award

Ken Munson - International Paper

College of Agricultural Sciences Distinguished Alumni Legacy Award

Ken Munson

At the culmination of a highly successful career, Ken Munson is dedicated to giving back to the College that helped launch his career.

As Global Director of Forestry Projects for International Paper, Ken traveled the world. He helped develop sustainable forestry standards for timber-producing nations and effective conservation partnerships in several countries. Our AgSci students wanted to know from Ken, how did a guy with degrees in Wildlife Science and Soil Science end up working around the world in forestry?

Ken’s career path was fueled in part by the twin engines of resource management and sustainability. To help students forge their own winding career path, Ken has endowed the Munson Wildlife Graduate Scholarship for students who wish to pursue interdisciplinary research in the management and sustainability of natural resources. And he is working closely with students in the Leadership Academy, helping them successfully bridge disciplines so they, too, can make a difference in, and around, the world.

Thank you, Ken, for helping to prepare our graduates to become global leaders.