Anneke Tucker

Anneke Tucker’s award-winning research was featured on YouTube.

Senior Anneke Tucker was named the overall winner of the second annual International Journal of Young Investigators Virtual Poster Session competition.  For the competition, Anneke gave a video presentation describing her research project with Dr. Balz Frei in the Linus Pauling Institute. Anneke’s research investigated how well a series of plant extracts could reduce the activities of two enzymes that play a critical role in Type II diabetes. These plant extracts are being tested in hopes of developing new treatments for diabetes.

Anneke came to OSU from Lakeview, Oregon. Although her involvement in FFA initially led her to consider animal science, she switched to BioResource Research as her interests focused more on human health. In her words, “I absolutely love being in the BRR program at Oregon State. It's incredibly challenging, hands on, and I am motivated by my classmates to be at my best. There is a support system filled with people just like me: our roots are in agriculture, and we have dreams of understanding the world.“

Tucker is applying to medical school and intends to specialize in women’s health and nutrition. “Ultimately, I would love to open a clinic in a rural and under-served community (which is where my fiancé and I come from) and offer medical services and education regarding women's health and life-long nutrition and health,” she adds.

                                           --information from Nick Houtman, Terra (Link)

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