Oregon State University is well-known in the sustainability community and beyond for being notably eco-friendly.  Beyond Earth Day, SSI’s 2-week celebration from April 22-May 5, highlights this success.  With fun and educational events focused on various holistic sustainability issues and put on by groups from both the campus and greater Corvallis community, there are plentiful opportunities to give back to the Earth and greater OSU community!  From drawing the world’s largest mural for environmental, economic, and social justice, to learning about viable alternatives to mainstream cultural lifestyle, to street fairs and documentary screenings, there is something for everyone during this celebration.

The festivities begin on Earth Day, Saturday April 22, with the Earth Day of Service, March for Science, Earth Day Hoo Haa, and 2017 Earth Ball.  More events can be found on the Beyond Earth Day Calendar.  We can’t wait to see you there!