• Report FEPP no longer of use or unserviceable.
  • Ensure property records and supporting information is always available for review.
  • Never use FEPP for personal use. There are no exceptions.
  • Please contact the Property Custodian for your Station or Department. All coordination with APO’s office must be through the Property Custodians.


  • Responsible actions on the part of users help insure continued participation in the program. 
  • Maintain proper care of the items and insure they are used correctly.
  • Maintain good records on the property and contact the FEPP APO regarding any requests for disposal or transfers.
  • Property receivers and users are asked to assume responsibility for proper use and any discrepancies regarding the property. Users must be able to account for items issued to their programs or activities.
  • All FEPP must be properly identified with prominently placed barcode labels, aluminum tags, etching, or other suitable method of identification. This will help to verify whether the property is owned by the University or by the Federal Government.
  • DO NOT dispose of any federal property other than through the FEPP APO specific instructions; regardless of real or perceived value. This is Federal property!
  • DO NOT use the items for anything other than approved agriculture research or extension projects and programs. Any use outside these realms violates federal guidelines governing the program and jeopardizes our continuance in the FEPP.

Screening and Screener Requirements

  • GSAXcess – list of worldwide excess property reported to GSA from all Federal and DOD sources.
  • USDA, Excess Propertylist of excess property available within USDA.
  • End Users please contact your Property Custodian with Property search requests.