End Users procedure

Property Custodians procedure


The best way to determine the true condition of excess property is to physically inspect the item or talk to someone in the owning agency that has knowledge of its true condition.


With USDA holding title to all the items acquired through this Program, proper records and accountability procedures at the College level are of considerable importance. All recipients are required to sign a "Statement of Responsibility" form before any excess property is issued to them or their research and/or extension programs. An "audit trail" is maintained by the APO for all property regardless of value and items in use are inventoried on a regular basis. It would be a good idea for users to maintain their own records or files on items issued to them to assist in inventory procedures. Users and responsible persons should also insure items are being used properly according to regulations. When items are no longer needed by a department, office, or unit, the original recipient must notify the FEPP APO so the item may be transferred or disposed of in accordance with USDA guidelines. Regardless of its real or "perceived" value, the property may not be thrown away, transferred to another sector of CAS, transferred to local or civic groups, or transported to OSU's Surplus Property for any reason. Transfer within the college to other CAS research or extension units is permissible as long as the FEPP APO is contacted before the transfer takes place.


  • Receivers of this excess property must provide their own transportation.
  • Transportation is arranged and coordinated by the Property Custodians at the Department or Station. 
  • We have a 15 day (not 15 working days) time limit for removal of any property approved for acquisition. Thus, the 15 day count
    begins the day we receive the approved and signed paperwork from GSA authorizing us to acquire the property. Keep this in mind when submitting requests.


REMEMBER.......the property you acquire through the FEPP Program is ON LOAN. The university does not acquire title to any of the property from the FEPP program. When we have finished utilizing the property or no longer have use for it, IT MUST BE DISPOSED THROUGH THE FEPP Program (Disposal Instructions). Please do not send any FEPP property through OSU's Surplus Property as this makes a very complicated procedure to correct.