Fisheries and Wildlife Makes Big Showing at The Wildlife Society Annual Conference

OSU Fisheries and Wildlife made a big showing at The Wildlife Society 19th Annual Conference in Portland, 13-18 October.  Over 30 undergraduates, including 15 Ecampus students (from as far away as NJ and HI) and at least 17 faculty and 11 graduate students attended.  Oral presentations were given by 11 faculty and 4 graduate students, and posters were presented by 2 faculty and 7 graduate students.

OSU was well represented in the awards program.  OSU Grad, Charlie Bruce received a Distinguished Service Award for his long-term commitment to The Wildlife Society.  Dan Edge received the Excellence in Wildlife Education Award.  Eric Forsman, Bob Anthony, Katie Dugger, Betsy Glenn, Steve Ackers, Steve Andrews, Tom Snetsinger and Stan Sovern received the Book Award for their book, Population Demography of Northern Spotted Owls.  OSU Grad, Bob Steidl won the Monograph Award.  Courtesy Faculty Member, Chuck Meslow was inducted as a TWS Fellow.  Last year’s Aldo Leopold Medal winner, Ken Burnham (OSU-Statistics grad) gave one of the plenary presentations.

Several others provided additional service related to the conference.  Dan Edge served as Program Chair.  Rebecca Goggans led a student field trip in the Columbia River Gorge, coordinated an Undergraduate Networking Breakfast, was the coordinator of a very successful Student-Professional Mentoring Session that was attended by 700 people, AND co-led a half-day workshop on Resume and Interview Strategies for the Early Career Professional (isn’t she amazing!).  Rob Blink, Jennifer Rowe and Lindsay Thurman helped Rebecca.  Dana Sanchez was the coordinator for the Quiz Bowl.  Jim Peterson ran an all-day workshop on Structured Decision Making and Nathan Schumaker ran a half-day workshop on An Introduction to HexSim.