Oregon has exceptional natural resources that support both our economy and our quality of life. The college leads the nation in programs in fisheries, wildlife, and range management, and is internationally known for work in the sustainability of managed landscapes, natural resources, and the world’s oceans.

Organic Ag Graduate Certificate

The online Graduate Certificate in Organic Agriculture prepares students to work in organic food production, processing, distribution, policy-making, education, and their own organic-product businesses.
This online Graduate Certificate addresses the current educational gap created by a rapidly-growing global organic industry and the needs of this industry for trained, experienced professionals. All courses for this certificate are offered online, allowing students working in other post-graduate programs at any institution and working professionals to access courses.

Biological & Ecological Engineering Masters

The graduate program in Biological & Ecological Engineering deals with diverse issues in the design and analysis of a wide range of biological and hydrologic systems. Focus areas are in bioprocessing, biosystems analysis and water resource engineering/watershed analysis. 

Bioresource Research

BioResource Research (BRR): an interdisciplinary biosciences major centered around student research. Students take science core courses, complete an option (bioscience/natural resource specialization) and do a research project of their choice with a faculty mentor. This research opportunity is unmatched in any other program at OSU.