As the global population continues to grow, competition increases for fresh water and marine resources. The college leads research and education in freshwater, coastal, and marine resources. This work is helping to increase efficiency in the use of water in agricultural systems and to conserve the world’s fresh water and marine resources.

Fisheries Science PhD

The Fisheries Science graduate program focuses on quantitative analyses of marine and freshwater fish populations, water quality, fish systematics, fish and invertebrate physiology, stream ecology, modeling of aquatic ecosystems, land use interactions, endangered species, and aquaculture.

Areas of Concentration in Fisheries

Aquaculture, conservation biology, fish genetics, ichthyology, limnology, parasites and diseases, physiology and ecology of marine and freshwater fishes, stream ecology, toxicology, water pollution biology.

Fisheries Management Graduate Certificate

The Fisheries or Wildlife Management Graduate Certificates prepare you to learn effective solutions to complex fisheries or wildlife management challenges at both local and international levels. You'll gain the knowledge needed to handle many different issues in the management of fisheries or wildlife resources.