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Good morning! Thanks for coming in. Today we will be evaluating barley for its contributions to beer flavor, in terms of both ortho- and retro-nasal aroma and taste/mouthfeel. The sensory methodology that we will be using is called projective mapping/flash profiling. You will be asked to evaluate the samples in a particular order, and then will place the samples on a sheet of paper based on how similar/different you feel that they are in relation to the rest of the samples. As you evaluate, you will be asked to select sensory descriptors that you detect in the beers. Please write these descriptors on the paper next to where you placed the sample.

Once you have completed the physical paper placement part, please transcribe your paper projective map into the CompuSense computer map. Use the drop-down menu in CompuSense to select the samples' descriptors.

Any questions?

Link to CompuSense: