Areas of Study Complementary to Food Science and Technology

Food Science and Technology undergraduates are not required to select a minor; however additional studies in a complementary field can add value to your degree.

Chemistry:  The FST required curriculum includes 27-31 credits of chemistry courses, distributed among general and organic chemistry and quantitative analysis. This course sequence satisfies the requirements for a Minor in Chemistry.

Business & Entrepreneurship: A minor in Business & Entrepreneurship, requiring a minimum of 28 additional credits, provides students with an awareness of the business environment that is valued by most employers of Food Science graduates.

Microbiology: The Minor in Microbiology consists of a core of courses plus 13 additional upper division Microbiology courses. Additional information may be found in the General Catalog. Consultation with the chief adviser in the Department of Microbiology (226 Nash Hall) is necessary for this minor. Email Linda Bruslind.

Nutrition: By taking a higher level Biochemistry, and an additional 27 credits, a Food Science and Technology major can complete requirements for a Minor in Nutrition. Additional information and specific courses needed for this minor may be found in the General Catalog. Students are strongly encouraged to consult an advisor in the Department of Nutrition before undertaking this minor. 541.737.8900.

International Degree: Contact Rebekah Lancelin for more information, ph: 541.737.6414.