Enology and Viticulture are the two disciplines of wine production. Courses in enology provide a scientifically-based understanding of wine production. Conversely, supporting course work in horticulture, botany and crop and soil science, help students develop an understanding of the interaction between grape production and winemaking. 

Graduates in this option will possess the necessary breadth and depth of knowledge and associated practical skills to become independently thinking and successful winemakers, or to work in related areas requiring an understanding of the science of wine.

Courses specific to the Enology and Viticulture option include Grapevine Growth and Physiology, Principles and Practices of Vineyard Management,  Soil Science; Introduction to Insect Pest Management; Introduction to Plant Pathology, Weed Management; Introduction to Wines, Beers, and Spirits; Wine Production Principles; Wine Production, Analysis, and Sensory Evaluation; and Topics in Fermentation.

For additional information about the Enology and Viticulture Option in Food Science and Technology, please contact:

Deborah Gould Academic Program Coordinator 100 Wiegand Hall, Corvallis, OR 97331 541-737-6486