From a fully operational pilot brewery to sensory science labs and our Food Innovation Center in Portland, our world-class facilities are a resource to industry, researchers and students.

Arbuthnot Dairy Center located in Withycombe Hall on the OSU Campus in Corvallis, OregonArbuthnot Dairy Center

A generous donation from Paul and Sandra Arbuthnot led to the creation of the Arbuthnot Dairy Center. The Center provides funding to develop and deliver programs for state-of-the-art education and research (teaching and Extension), targeted to individuals, family farmers, and smaller processors that produce dairy foods in Oregon, Oregon State University students, and dairy foods industry related personnel, for purposes of improving and enhancing the safety, quality and functionality of dairy products, and advancing the technological efficiency of dairy processing plants. Educational endeavors may relate to product quality assurance, product improvement and development, product safety and sanitation, water treatment and waste management, microbiology, engineering, economics, distribution, sales & marketing, and/or other disciplines or fields pertinent to dairy processing.

The Center consists of a classroom, a dairy technology laboratory, and a licensed commercial dairy pilot plant.
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Food Innovation Center in Portland, OregonFood Innovation Center

Do you have an idea for a fantastic new food? Would you like some assistance in perfecting an existing product? The Food Innovation Center, located in downtown Portland, was developed just for you!

This exciting new facility was created to assist food producers, processors, marketers, and entrepreneurs as they develop, improve, and promote their products. Whether you are a beginning food entrepreneur, or an established company, the staff at the Food Innovation Center has the expertise to assist you in all phases of product development—from the concept phase through product development, processing, packaging, and marketing.

The center is a joint venture between Oregon State University and the Oregon Department of Agriculture and is located on Naito Parkway near the banks of the Willamette River.
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OSU Seafood and Research Center in Astoria, OregonOSU Seafood and Research Center

The OSU Seafood Laboratory and Research Center, located in Astoria, has a longstanding reputation as one of the nation's premier seafood research laboratories. For over sixty-five years, the OSU Seafood Laboratory and Research Center has provided the seafood industry worldwide with critical research and exciting, innovative product development.

The OSU Seafood Laboratory and Research Center has welcomed graduate students from around the world to this unique teaching and research center located on Oregon's beautiful north coast.
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Pilot Processing Plant located in Wiegand Hall on the OSU Campus in Corvallis, OregonPilot Processing Plant

The Food Science Pilot Processing Plant is a FDA and ODA registered facility that provides a flexible sanitary food processing environment meant to encourage innovation.  Equipment portability permits rearrangement for versatile production flow.

The pilot plant has complete facilities to handle R&D processing needs. The plant has easy access to dry storage, refrigerated and frozen storage, and temperature control rooms for shelf-life studies. Conveniently located is a loading bay with a forklift for semi-trailer delivery of equipment and supplies directly to the plant. Complete laboratory facilities for food quality analysis are available in the Food Science department.

For complete information or to schedule use of the pilot plant please contact:
Jeff Clawson, Pilot Plant Manager
Ph: 541-737-5680 | Fax: 541-737-1877


Sensory Lab in Wiegand Hall on the OSU Campus in Corvallis, OregonCenter for Sensory & Consumer Behavior Research

The Center for Sensory & Consumer Behavior Research is an internationally recognized, non-profit research center. Our center is specialized in conducting basic and applied research, providing customized sensory testing services to food and greater consumer product industries, and educating future sensory professionals.