• Pilot Plant Brewhouse/Malt House: A state-of-the-art, two-barrel, temperature-controlled brewing system is located in the pilot plant in Wiegand Hall. The brewhouse allows students to participate in the brewing process from malt milling to lagering, and is complete with packaging and pasteurization capabilities. The brewery is supported by a complete beer quality laboratory with the capabilities of measure alcohol, residual extract, color and haze via an Anton-Paar Alcolyzer, package gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide), diacetyl, fermentation esters, hop aromatics, and foam quality/stability. The system also serves as a teaching tool for extension workshops and for current and new research projects. The facility is available to industry on a fee basis. The OSU Mini-Malter is a fully programmable, automatic malting facility for grain (barley, wheat, sorghum, rye…). Once loaded, grains are steeped, germinated, and kilned in the same vessel.
  • Pilot Plant Winery: The pilot plant winery is located in neighboring Withycombe Hall and is composed of equipment necessary for wine grape processing including a stemmer-crusher, presses, filtration systems, batch centrifuge, bottling systems and storage facilities. The winery serves as a research and teaching tool for both resident students and extension workshops. University-owned vineyards provide wine grapes for teaching and research purposes.
  • Pilot Plant Creamery: The pilot plant features equipment suitable for production of most cheese types along with ice cream. It is utilized for the commercial production of Beaver Classic cheeses, for dairy processing classes and extension courses, for applied dairy processing research, commercial product development and as a business incubator for dairy entrepreneurs.
  • Baking Lab: Cereal Scientist Dr. Andrew Ross conducts research in quality and utilization of Oregon grains.  His well equipped baking laboratory is available to students enrolled in courses he teaches for FST, as well as to students involved in research in the laboratory.

Sensory Science Laboratory: Evaluation of beers and wines has been a major focus of the sensory science laboratory for over fifteen years. Funding by Indie Hops and the Hop Research Council has supported many studies on hop quality. Wine industry members regularly participate in sensory studies on experimental wines.