Students using industrial equipment in pilot plant to make jamAbout Our Facility...
The pilot plant has complete facilities to handle R&D processing needs. The plant has easy access to dry storage, refrigerated and frozen storage, and temperature control rooms for shelf-life studies. Conveniently located is a loading bay with a forklift for semi-trailer delivery of equipment and supplies directly to the plant. Complete laboratory facilities for food quality analysis are available in the Food Science department.



Drying and Concentration
Freeze dryers

  • 4.5kg capacity - Virtis
  • 25 kg capacity - Hull
  • Cabinet drier - Enviro Pak
  • Vacuum concentrator/essence recovery - Centritherm
  • Ribbon mixer, steam jacketed with vacuum - Blentech Osmotic Dehydration equipment

HPP Processing

  • 20 liter vessel capable of achieving 85,000 psi (586 Mpa)

Juice Processing
Full juice processing facility equipped with size reduction, separation and clarification, pumps, filtration, concentration, HTST pasteurization and filling.

Bonded two barrel research brewery can be used to produce any style of beer found in the world. Facilities include bottle packaging and pasteurization.

The bonded experimental winery houses processing equipment for wine production including temperature controlled fermentors with floating caps and screw-cap packaging.

Fruit and Vegetable Processing
The pilot plant has the necessary preparation equipment for processing most fruits and vegetables into finished products. Cleaning, sizing, sorting, milling, peeling, pulper/finisher, kettles (including scrape surface), dip and tunnel blanching, filling, packaging, freezing, drying, and thermal or non-thermal processing equipment.

Beta testing equipment
Our 4000 sq ft pilot plant has an open floor plan and is fully equipped to support testing your new equipment.  Facility services include 125v, 208v, and 440v single and three phase power, steam (to 70psi), air, hot and cold water, vacuum, natural gas, and Ethernet access.

Dairy Lab
The newly remodeled Dairy Lab offers 1500 square feet of processing area with equipment specializing in cheese production is FDA certified. Equipment includes:

  • 900 liter milk pasteurizer/cheese vat with time and temperature recorders and headspace heat
  • 150 liter milk pasteurizer/cheese vat with time and temperature recorders and headspace heat
  • Cheese press
  • Soft cheese vats
  • Walk in cooler
  • Environmental chamber

Our Mission

  • Support departmental research
  • Enhance student learning with hands on experience
  • Support industry through Extension outreach and service
  • Income generated from service work provides much needed support for maintenance and acquisition of new equipment.

The Food Science Pilot Processing Plant is a FDA and ODA registered facility that provides a flexible sanitary food processing environment meant to encourage innovation.  Equipment portability permits rearrangement for versatile production flow.

For complete information or to schedule use of the pilot plant please contact:
Zak Wiegand, Food Processing Pilot Plant Manager
124B Wiegand Hall | 541-737-8481 |
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Equipment in OSU Pilot Processing Facility