Information on admissions requirements to the Graduate School at Oregon State University can be found on the OSU home page.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores are required by the Department of Food Science and Technology. Official results must be submitted with formal application materials sent to the department. A combined score of 300 for the verbal and quantitative aptitude sections (on the newest computer version) is generally considered minimal for admission by the Department.

Graduate applications are reviewed by the departmental graduate committee. Applicants recommended for admission on the basis of test scores (GRE and TOEFL), undergraduate record, personal statement, research interests, and letters of reference, are ONLY accepted if a faculty member is prepared to make a commitment in advance to serve as a major advisor, and to provide financial support if necessary. Applicants with journal or book chapter publications are encouraged to include them in the application.

Please note that satisfaction of minimum entrance requirements does not guarantee admission, because the number of qualified applicants far exceeds the number of places available. Because no student can be admitted without a prior commitment by a professor to serve as a major advisor, applicants are expected to contact potential advisors with shared research interests (see Research Advisors/Major Professors) to learn about specific research and funding possibilities concurrent with a formal application.

Financial Information

Current graduate tuition information can be found on the OSU home page. Most graduate students are supported as graduate research assistants on the research grants of their major advisors. Because this type of support is limited, applicants should contact potential advisors with shared research interests to inquire about the availability of such assistantships early in the admission process. Information about faculty research interests can be found in the Research section of the Food Science and Technology website. In evaluating applications, consideration is given to the extent and quality of previous academic work, evidence of research ability and intellectual capacity, and promise of productive scholarship.

Salary ranges from $1200-$2000 per month for an incoming graduate level student, depending on the amount of effort expected each month.

Payment of Tuition and Fees: If appointed as a Graduate Assistant at 0.30 FTE or greater, tuition is waived and 90% of fees are remitted. Refer to the fee payment section in the current schedule of classes: Tuition and Fees Schedule. Please note: fees are the responsibility of the student.