Oregon State University (OSU)
College of Agricultural Sciences (CAS)
Agricultural Experiment Station (AES)
Greenhouse Operations (GOPS)

Greenhouse Operations Policy (GOPOL)
Section A: Unit Management Facility & Personnel Policy & Procedure

Revision of November 2012


Policy Intent

CAS/AES Greenhouse Operations Unit Management Policies & Procedures is intended to provide daily operational guidelines for coordination between GOPS with the CAS Dean’s office, all departmental users of the facilities, other OSU entities, government agencies, visitors and contractors. The GOPOL complies with OSU policies in accordance with budgetary, safety, personnel and regulatory rules disseminated by OSU Administrative offices, CAS/AES Dean’s office and other city/state/federal government agencies.


East and West Greenhouse Facilities

The combined East and West Greenhouse facilities located on the main OSU campus presently serve five university departments/units (over 60 professors) with a user group of over 300 research faculty and students. The primary user departments are Horticulture, Crop & Soil Science, and Botany & Plant Pathology. Other assigned user departments/units include; Cooperative Extension Service (CES) Seed Certification, IPPC, Animal and Rangeland Sciences, Forest Science Lab, OSU Seed Lab, and USFS. Loan of space to a variety of other OSU departments/units is common practice.

East Greenhouse is located at 2801 SW Campus Way on the northwest corner of the OSU campus in Corvallis. It is bordered by Cordley Hall on the east, Withycombe Hall on the west, Orchard Street parking lots on the north and Campus Way on the south. The facility was built in 1927 by Thompsonbuilt Greenhouses (of Portland, OR.) and currently serves as Resident Instruction, Graduate Research and Sponsored Research greenhouses. It consists of 19 glass greenhouse sections with a total of 25,500 sq.ft. There is a two story head house with the top floor used as a greenhouse resident apartment. The ground floor is the office for the greenhouse Manager and crew.

West Greenhouse is located at 3201 SW Campus Way on the northwest corner of the OSU campus in Corvallis. It is bordered by Wiegand Hall on the east, USDA-ARS Horticultural Crops Research Lab on the west, Orchard Street on the north and Campus Way on the south. The West Greenhouse, also built by Thompsonbuilt Greenhouses, was done in eight stages from 1948 through about 1966. A major renovation to the greenhouse roofs was done from 2002 to 2009 with new glass and aluminum extrusion installed. The facility consists of 72 glass rooms, 58 fixed roof lab or head house rooms and covers an approximate area of  93,000 sq. ft. (70,146 sq. ft. under glass). West section 5 (3,240 sq. ft.) was added in 1997.


Greenhouse Operations

The authority for both facilities ultimately rests with the President of OSU. Prior to 1979 East Greenhouse was managed and directed by the Head of the Department of Horticulture and the West Greenhouse was operated by a manager who reported directly to the Director of the AES. In 1979, both East and West Greenhouse operations were combined under one Manager directly supervised by the AES Director's Office. Since the responsibilities of the Director of AES and the Dean of the CAS were combined under the CAS/AES Dean, the Greenhouse Operations Manager has been directly supervised by a CAS/AES Dean's Office Associate Dean.

East Greenhouse is designated an "on-campus" building and, as such, the basic responsibility for utilities and maintenance rests with OSU Facilities Services.

West Greenhouse is designated an "adjacent building" facility by OSU Budgets to distinguish between distant CAS/AES Branch Stations and CAS/AES campus facilities which are not the responsibility of OSU Facilities Services (former term of "off campus" per a 1958 era survey determination). The CAS/AES is fiscally responsible for operation and building maintenance of the West Greenhouses.


Greenhouse Personnel Organization and Responsibility

Dean & Associate Dean, CAS-AES

The head supervisory responsibility for GOPS rests with the CAS/AES Dean or the CAS/AES Associate Dean assigned responsibility for GOPS. The Dean’s office provides adequate operating funds to support services as defined by GOPOL. The Dean‘s office may request, endorse or reject policy and use recommendations generated through the Manager or the Greenhouse Advisory Committee (GAC). The Associate Dean's decision is binding for any recommendation forwarded by the GAC or Manager.

Chairs and Heads

The Chairs and Heads of greenhouse user departments have the responsibility of determining how their department researchers are assigned and utilize the historically allocated department greenhouse space. They also provide fiscal support to GOPS at whatever level is set by the CAS/AES Dean’s office through the annual GOPS Usage Fee Plan (GOUFP) program established in FY1998-1999.

Greenhouse Manager

The GOPS Manager is an OSU Professional Faculty: Non-Teaching faculty member on the staff of the CAS/AES Dean's Office and has no direct affiliation to a specific OSU Department. The Manager is delegated by the Dean’s office to provide daily budget, personnel and facilities management to the greenhouses. The CAS/AES Associate Dean is the direct supervisor of the GOPS Manager. CAS/AES Associate Dean appoints the Manager as the East and West Greenhouse building manager responsible for coordinating all greenhouse repairs, maintenance and safety issues with Facility Services (FS) and other entities.

Greenhouse Advisory Committee (GAC))

The GAC serves as an advisory board to the Dean, Associate Dean and Manager for greenhouse policy. The GAC consists of an active greenhouse primary user faculty member from departments with assigned greenhouse space. The major users consisting of Botany & Plant Pathology, Crop & Soil Science, Horticulture, and CAS Seed Certification will have one representative on the GAC. The other user departments with minimal space allocations may request a representative to be on the committee per approval by the CAS Associate Dean. These other departments may be asked to contribute representation by the Manager or Associate Dean for specific issues pertaining to their use of the facilities. The appointment of representatives is the Associate Dean’s responsibility in consultation with the faculty member and their respective department head. These appointments will be for three years with renewal at the discretion of all parties. Most business pertaining to greenhouse policy will be coordinated by the Manager and disseminated via email to all representatives for review and comments. The representative will act as their departments space allocation contact for space usage inquiries and assist with long term allocations that cross department allocations. If a situation requires a meeting to take place the Manager will request, coordinate and present topic for the GAC to discuss. Final approval of any policy or operational changes is the responsibility of the CAS Associate Dean.

Primary User (PU)

A Primary User is a faculty member to whom greenhouse space is allocated on a long-term basis by the PU department Head/Chair. All PU assignments are subject to approval by the Dean’s office with consultation from the Manager to insure compatibility with GOP policy. There is one PU designated for each department’s allocated greenhouse and fixed roof space. The PU is the direct contact for GOPS and is responsible for their assigned space and that their staff adheres to GOPS policies and procedures. The GOUFP annual fee is the department’s responsibility. The mechanism for the PU participation with the fee payment is a departmental policy.

Secondary User (SU)

A Secondary User is a person to whom any PU has made arrangements with for short term assignment of the PU's allocated space (all or a percentage of his/her space). All SU are accountable to the Manager either directly or via the PU for items covered under GOPS policies. Responsibility of space is still the PU’s. Compatibility between other users needs approval from Manager prior to finalizing any agreement for SU use of the greenhouses.

Greenhouse Crew (crew)

The current crew consists of one Professional Faculty Non-Teaching Manager, three Classified Biological Sciences Research Technicians 3, three resident student positions, and 7-10 part time daily student worker positions with occasional temporary employees for special projects. GOPS staff is affiliated with the CAS\AES Dean’s office. The Manager supervises all staff working at GOPS.