Greenhouse Usage Fee Policy (UF)

CAS/AES Greenhouse Operations Policy (GOPOL)
Usage Fee Policy (UF)
Section L –
revised December 2012

Usage Fee

The Usage Fee (UF) is a cost recovery plan established by the CAS/AES Dean’s office to supplement the annual Greenhouse Operations (GOPS) operating budget. The UF rate is set annually and each department that has greenhouse space is billed directly for their portion of the cost recovery. The UF has been in effect since FY 99-00 at the following annual rates: FY 00 & 01 @ $90,000; FY 02 thru FY10 @ $100,000; FY11 thru FY13 @ $125,000. The Associate Dean notifies the Greenhouse Manager by January of the UF rate of recovery for the following FY. This notification allows the Manager time to prepare the UF rate for submission to OSU Budget Office for the annual OSU Fee Book publication Once the fee is approved, the Greenhouse Manager notifies each department of the rate. A quarterly billing statement is issued from GOPS to each department for UF payments. The quarterly payments are due September 15, December 15, March 15 and June 01. GOPS does not directly bill the individual greenhouse users for UF recovery. Only the departments/units with allocated space get the billing statements. The rules governing space allocation are covered in the CAS/AES Greenhouse Operations Space Policy (SPALL)

The Associate Dean's responsibilities related to Section L are to:

  1. Establish the annual cost recovery rate.
  2. Insure that departments/units meet their payment obligations.
  3. Review and approve or reject changes to the UF policy.

The Manager's responsibilities related to Section L are to:

  1. a.   Prepare budget projection analysis to adjust the UF rate for the following FY.
  2. b.   Submit information to OUS Fee Book for publication of UF rates.
  3. c.   Canvass responsible departments/units for current Users of greenhouse space for the accuracy and timeliness of the quarterly billing statements.
  4. d.   Prepare spreadsheets and invoices with the appropriate cost for each department.
    Electronic and hard copies of these statements will be available upon request for at least six years.
  5. f.  Notify Associate Dean of any delinquent payments.

For additional information contact GOPS Manager, see GOPOL, Section S - Historical Notes.